Blessing Your Past


I recently attended a gathering in which one of the leaders shared that the LORD had told him he needed to bless his past. 

As he was previously of the Muslim faith, he told the LORD, he didn’t have anything in his past to bless, because he didn’t know the LORD in his past.   But the LORD reminded him, that He, the LORD, had been in his past through the chocolate he had been given every year by someone.   The LORD went on to remind him of other events that He, the LORD, had been involved in, that brought joy to the leader.   So he repented and blessed his past.

When this was shared, it literally just went over me and I didn’t think anything of it.

Later, a young couple that was in attendance spoke about their struggles of trying to get pregnant for the last three years.  When this happened, the LORD began speaking to me about this couple and that they needed to bless their past, as well.

We then went on to talk about the Jewish New Year that is approaching, with Rosh Hashanah (also called: Feast of Trumpets / Yom Teruah / Head of the Year), which begins at sundown on Sunday, October 2 and ends at sundown on Monday, October 3.   It is a time when you will hear many shouting and shofars / trumpets blasting.

This celebration is also known as a Day of Judgment, when all people of the earth pass before God, literally like sheep, and judgment is made in the Heavenly courts for the next year regarding things like life, death, wealth, poverty, blessings, etc. for each person.

It was then that the LORD began speaking to me again, and He began putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  He said to me, “This isn’t just about the couple struggling to get pregnant.  It is about you too, and it is also about many who are in attendance here tonight.”

As the LORD said this to me, I began to look around the room and saw walls appearing before and around many who were in the room.  The people with walls had more than just a few things that needed to be blessed in their past, as the enemy had put up walls as things piled up, and they had literally hidden or buried those things as part of their past, hoping to never resurrect them because of the pain associated with them.

The LORD said,  “For some, it will be necessary for them to seek Me, through prayer and fasting, so that they can get deliverance and be healed of their past. 

They would then be able to move on into the New Year with Me.  If you will seek Me about it, to get rid of the blockages or walls and the things from your past, that are holding you back I will bless you beyond your wildest imaginations in the days ahead.  I will open doors, no man can open and close doors you are not meant to go through.  I will see you through the storm.”

Love,  Abba.


God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

P.S.  The LORD has impressed on me to share this at other gatherings, believing that it is for the Body of Christ at this hour, due to the coming Jewish New Year, which is why I have sent it out.

Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerGod has allowed Beverly to minister all over the world through the internet, and in person through conferences, church services, and small groups.  Beverly’s heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom that God means for them, so they can develop a deep intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  She ministers to others through prophetic words, and other gifts, bringing breakthrough and calling people into a constant pursuit of His Heart to actively hear His voice for themselves and others. Beverly lives near Danville, VA.

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