God Hath Chosen


The foolish things of the world, to confound the wise.  Weak things of the world, to confound the things which are mighty.  Base things, and things which are despised, things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: And why would He do that?  “That no flesh should glory in His presence.”  These words, are not from the Old Testament; they are written by an apostle; the one some thought, the lesser chosen.

Every time the Spirit reveals something to us in this hour, we are not the same person we were before.  If we are, it means we are not listening; or, we are yet deciding things, in our own wisdom.  I came to realize, that I was turning off, the things that some were saying; passing up things they posted by those I did not honor or agree with.  It did not matter if what they said was true, or that I felt a tug, that it was.  I knew that some were after money, others were after fame and power; there were those I knew were frauds, and those who ran a show and were shallow; no true depth at all.

I want to share something; I am not naming names, and I ask that you do not either.  If we do that, we will miss the point that is being made here.  I visited one of those healing services once; I went with a friend who was ill; an outsider, who had never been in any of our kind of services before.  Something happened there, that completely floored me; an absolute fake enactment of a large body of people; supposedly, slain in the Spirit.  It was a terrible sham.

But I had watched other times during some of these meetings.  It did not take great insight, to see that Jesus, was not on the stage, where the show was going on.  But He was there.  He was walking among the people in that great audience.  You see, many came to these places, seeking a touch from the Lord.  You could see their tears, and the hunger they had to touch the hem of His garment.  The true healing, did not take place in the eyes of the cameras; it happened where Jesus was walking among the people.  Just like it did when He walked among the people here; healing them all.

I don’t recall reading that Rahab the harlot, ever repented of what she was.  But God used her anyway, to save His own chosen people.  All of us knew what she was, but we were confused; and some of us still are.  It’s because we think we know so much.  And whether we admit it or not, we think we have a handle on what God can do, and who and what He uses to bring about His own purpose.

We need to stay tuned to the Spirit, so we can discern the good, in those we can’t see any good in.  Remember, that God, looks on the heart.  And He will confuse us, if we get ahead of Him.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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