God is Bringing in a New Season!


I Prophesy:   God is bringing in a New Season.  He is bringing in New Wine.  He is bringing in a New and Fresh Move of His Spirit upon the Earth.

When the Spirit of God comes, He always comes to break us out of where we have had Him contained, where we have put limitations and man-made boundaries to stop and restrict Him from moving.

When the Spirit of God comes, He comes to break us out of our old wine skins, our stinking religious mindsets and our limited knowledge and understanding of Who He is and How He operates.

When the Spirit of Life comes, He comes to pour out fresh wine and fresh revelation of His Glory, Power and Authority.  When this takes place, it comes with such unstoppable force that it bursts and breaks open our old wine skins of lack and limitations.

Get Ready!

In this hour the Father is pouring out fresh new wine in the midst of His people.  His eye is looking for those that are waiting, willing, and fully surrendered.

He is looking for fully yielded vessels who have prepared themselves in order to contain and carry new and fresh levels of revelation.

He is looking for vessels of honour, vessels to accomplish and steward well the New Wine.

Stop and Take Stock!

Is your heart open, prepared and ready to be a vessel of honour, useful in the Masters household.

Are you willing to fully release and relinquish the old wine skin in order to carry the new wine?

You cannot advance if you are holding on to the old, you must get rid of everything that causes decrease if you are to carry the increase.

We cannot be effective or productive in the Kingdom if we remain living in the stale bread of the past Seasons.

I hear these words, “Expired Date” many are living on “expired” Bread and Wine and wondering why there is little change and no visible signs of new life and manifest power.

Decree with me;  I choose to let go of the old, I am moving and advancing forward into the new, I receive the New Wine and a New move of God in my life in this next season.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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