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Have Your Way God! — 4 Comments

  1. Have your way Lord, mold me, make me more and more into your image.
    I receive your words, I’m at that final stage, ready to give birth into something beautiful, for my confidence is in you. I trust you, and I stand upon the Rock of God. Lord, it is difficult, and as I continue to press and press, keeping my mind stayed upon you, in praise and worship, I shall Come Out stronger than before, mounted up as wings, as an eagle, for I shall fly, higher and higher into all you called me to be. Hallelujah !!! Blessings on the reading of the word.

  2. I’ll wait Lord. Someway, somehow, that I may not understand at the moment, you are fulfilling your purpose in my life and your love for me endures forever!

    • Oh yes Father…. I stand in agreement. Amen and Amen, so be it as you have said Lord. Bring forth the word on which you have caused your servants to hope.

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