God Is Preparing You For The Entrance


There is nothing that the LORD can’t see.

There is nothing that escapes the vision of the Almighty.  He Who formed the eye, shall He not see?

He Who formed the ear, shall He not hear?

The LORD is saying to you who have been weary, while trying to bear with the time going by without so much as an inkling of seeing the move of God: “I have far more for you than you have ever fathomed; I have done far more than you could possibly imagine.

For the eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what I have in store for those who love Me,” says the LORD.

“But I AM revealing it section by section, part by part, every part a revelation that comes together greater than the sum of its parts.

For the vision is far more than you can see in its entirety, but the outcomes will lift you to greatest satisfaction you can ever imagine.

I AM faithful to the contrite ones. 

I AM faithful to the called out ones.

I AM faithful to those who have sought me and searched for Me with all of your heart.

I AM setting before you an open door that no man can shut.

I AM preparing you for the entrance into the fulfillment of My vision for you.

I AM the LORD Who Sees. 

And I AM showing you things to believe Me for, the things that will come to pass as I have prepared you for.

I will accomplish this with My Wisdom, for I can see how your obedience for the expectation of My promise will fulfill the purpose for which I send it,”  says the LORD..


Thomas Downes

Link to Thomas Downes on FacebookThomas Downes.  Walking with the LORD for over 40 years, Thomas runs “The Voice of the Writer” a Prophetic Ministry.  His purpose is to present the Word of God and the Love of God with the prophetic heart; the heart that desires to hear the Voice of the LORD, and present His Word for the encouragement of others.

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