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God Is Raining Down Manna From Heaven! — 3 Comments

  1. May the Lord bless the body of Christ with unshakable faith to believe the miracles we so much need in the days ahead.  We bind the spirit of fear in the name of our Lord Jesus and we loose the Spirit of Faith without measure to all of us and our families. God bless you much for posting this so needed word.

  2. I love this Word, it brings back what He’s shared in the past about the provisions He’s supplying in this hour for those who’ve given their yes.
    I saw in an open vision endless rows upon rows of the most exquisite looking vegetables I’d ever seen, they were perfection!!
    Also, I had a dream not too long ago. I was in this place where bad things had been going on. The land started to flood so we went higher, I realized I’d forgotten my purse which had cash in it and debated going back to get it when the Holy Spirit spoke up and said “Do Not!! Leave It!!”
    He takes perfect care of His own!! He’s such a Good Father!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

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