God Stands Over His Word to Perform It!


Watch!  Stay alert and be ready, for all things will be stirred, shaken and shifted in this season of supernatural suddenlys.

Here is a Word I posted in the month of December 2016,  (See Word below).

A Word From the LORD for 2017

Here is a second word God gave just a few weeks after receiving the first Word for 2017.

I received this word on the 13th December 2016…!  It’s a longer read, but I believe there is great clarity in this Word with what we see unfolding in the Nations of the earth in this hour.

Watch!  God stands over His word to perform it,  (See Word below).

Suddenly, Quickly, Sharply & Without Warning

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A Word From the LORD for 2017

Get ready, for a new Kingdom reality is being birthed upon the earth.

2017 will be a year of God’s supernatural suddenlys, divine shakings and unexpected and strategic shiftings in the earth.

Early this morning as I sat with the Father I heard Him say, “My beloved.  In 2017 many will come to know Me as the God of the ‘Supernatural Suddenlys’.  Many will see me as the strategic shifter and the great shaker of the nations.

Watch!  For in the year of 2017 My hand and My Spirit will move suddenly, powerfully and unexpectedly upon the earth.

Watch!  For the Glory and Power of the heavenly realm will suddenly and swiftly invade the earthly realm.

Yes!  Divine shakings and strategic shiftings will suddenly and unexpectedly rearrange, realign and redirect the course of many nations.  Suddenly My Spirit of might and power will manifest mightily upon the 7 mountains of influence and My governing hand will move to uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow, build and plant.

Watch!  For I AM standing over My Word to perform it,”  says the LORD.

“Beloved, watch and be ready, for 2017 many will be here one minute and gone the next.  Yes!  There are those who have been marked by the angel of death, for surely I tell you, the wicked will suddenly be taken from the earth and many will run in fear and confusion to their false gods looking for peace and protection and they will find none.

Daughter I tell you, 2017 will be a year where My Spirit will move and manifest powerfully, suddenly, quickly and without warning.  My Spirit will move like a thief in the night, but I tell you, I will not come quietly.  I will come with a loud roar and the earth will shake, quake and vibrate with a new sound from the heavens, for I will arise and My enemies will be scattered.

Daughter do you see it?  I AM is doing a new thing upon the earth in this hour.  The former things have past away; a new thing is now springing forth upon the earth, for heaven is now becoming earth’s new reality!

Yes!  Yes!  Daughter I tell you, even in this moment My Seven Spirits are now strategically moving and shifting, moving and shifting upon the earth.

Yes!  My Hand of Justice and Vindication is shaking the whole earth, for I AM is shaking loose every false foundation and false religion that has blinded the eyes of the people.  Even in this hour, I AM is lifting the veil of darkness that has shrouded the nations of the earth, who can conceal what I AM is about to reveal upon the earth”,  says God.

“Watch!  For 2017 will be a year of great unlocking, for suddenly doors that have been shut will be opened and doors that have been open will be shut.  Fear not!  For no power of man nor demon of hell shall stand against My comings and goings upon the earth.

Now let faith rise up, for I AM is now suddenly manifesting in signs, wonders and miracles upon the earth.  Daughter look, listen and feel for even creation is yearning for an invasion of My glory upon the earth.

Even the stars and the moon cry out for the manifest power of My Glory to go forth upon the nations.  When I stand in the heaven, the earth makes way,” says God.

“Daughter rejoice!  2017 will be a year of sudden break out, sudden break through and a sudden breaking forth of My Glory upon My sons and daughters.

Look up!  For a holy and set apart remnant is rising, rising, rising in the earth.  No longer will My people remain silent.  No longer will My prophets hide in the shadows and live in caves.

No longer will My anointed be stifled and silenced by the spirits of fear and control.

Watch!  The fear of the LORD is coming suddenly, powerfully and unexpectedly to My Church!

Watch!  For a great, sudden and severe sifting and shifting will come to My house, for I will reveal the hidden sins of greed, lust and pride in the hearts of the people, and I will remove My Glory that has covered them.

I will expose their nakedness to the world.  Have I not said, “Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I AM about to spit you out of my mouth?”

Turn and return to your first love and I will show you mercy and compassion.  I tell you beloved, I will share My glory with no man.  I shall not be mocked, but all nations will come to know Me as the God of supernatural suddenlys and they will see divine shakings and unexpected and strategic shiftings in this hour and season,”  says God.


Suddenly, Quickly, Sharply & Without Warning

Yes again!  I’m still talking about the season of supernatural suddenlies, sharp turns, divine shakings and great and unexpected shiftings that is coming to the earth in 2017.

I Prophesy:  A new Kingdom reality is now being birthed in the nations of the earth, watch!  A new thing is now springing forth.  Do you see….?

This is the Word God gave me a week ago as I sat praying and listening to what was on his heart for the year ahead 2017.  While talking with the Father, I saw His Spirit moving quickly, suddenly, unexpectedly and without warning upon the land, the seas, the air and the people of the nations of the earth.

I saw many being suddenly caught up by the Spirit of God and finding themselves strategically shifted, re-positioned and redirected.  I saw doors being shut and new doors suddenly being opened, new doors that will lead many by a new way into a new day, and many will say in 2017, “God’s mercy made a way where there seemed no way.  Truly, surely, a new Kingdom reality has now broken forth upon my nation!”

Now today while in worship, I saw God stand up from His Throne and He took two steps forward.

I Prophesy 2017:   Will be a year of unprecedented visitations, unexpected encounters and powerful manifestations.  I see the authority and power of heaven begin to move upon the earth with even greater acceleration and momentum.  There is a divine quickening that is taking place in the midst of the nations.

Then I heard these words, “Watch!  For a glory invasion, a love revolution and a miraculous manifestation of God’s quickening grace and mercy is now taking place upon the earth!”

As I heard these words, I saw in the spirit realm the atmosphere of heaven invading the atmosphere of the earth.  And as the two spiritual dimensions came together, suddenly the earthly realm of darkness shifted and lifted and a divine exchange took place.

I saw a great light breaking forth upon the nations, dispelling all darkness and a glorious illumination of a rainbow covered the whole earth.  Then I watched as the heart of the nations were ignited with the Fires of Heaven and a great awakening came upon the body of Christ.

Today, I Prophesy:   We are seeing, hearing and experiencing a supernatural shaking and divine shifting in the heavens and in the earth.  The Spirit of Might and Power is now shaking, shaking and shifting the inhabitants of the earth.  The reforming and transforming power of God’s word is going forth to realign and rearrange the boundaries of the earth with a new Kingdom reality!

Look!  See!  There is a mighty Army that is now moving and advancing upon the earth.  There is a divine deployment in the camp of the LORD, the sons and daughters of God are now taking new ground and occupying new territory.

The season of great change and divine transition is now upon us.

“Listen!  Do you hear the sound of many trumpets and the deep sound of the shofar?”  Its time to break camp and move from this place of bondage and stale bread, the land of promise, purpose and manifest power is before us.

I hear the Spirit say,  “Warriors, rise up and take your place on the front-line of battle.  Fear not, for the giants stand powerless in the presence of the king.

See, I have put victory in your mouth.  Now open your mouths and I will fill it.  Speak forth My Word and it will go forth to pierce and penetrate the heart of darkness in the land.

Watch!  As the authority and the transforming power of My Word goes forth to move and make way, for the rivers of My glory will now break forth upon the nations.  

My beloved, come up higher, yes!  Let us go up together to the high places where the fragrance of the prayers and the praises of My people fill My nostrils.  Have I not said, the books that have been sealed will now be opened?

Watch!  As My transforming glory will come.

Watch!  As My justice and vindication will come.

Yes!  Watch!  As My compensation will come, for I will now pour out My healing and restoration power upon the people of the land.

Now listen Beloved,  you must eat My Word, speak My Word and now run with the roar of My resurrection and redemptive power,”  says God.

Friends, I see the Spirit of Revelation and Wisdom manifesting mightily and powerfully in the hearts and minds of God’s people in this season.  Many will arise in greater power as they go forth to declare their righteousness by His blood.

Strongholds and strangleholds of the enemy are being dismantled and broken.  I see an army of warriors beginning to conquer and overcome those things that seemed impossible in the past.  The weak are being made strong.

I hear the sound of a war cry of victory over the people of God.  Satan is defeated.  The hand of God has overturned and overthrown every situation that has seemed insurmountable and impossible for many.

Listen!  The ground is fertile and the seeds that you have sown in the last season will now suddenly and quickly come forth.  The season of abundant harvest is upon us.  The hand of God is now moving with greater acceleration and momentum upon the earth.

I see as that supernatural shift takes place in the heavenlies.  it will begin to manifest in the midst of you.

Watch and expect a divine move of restoration, timely reversals and unexpected recompense in 2017, in every area in your life where the devourer came to rob, kill and destroy.

Watch!  As every hindrance that has drained and stifled your momentum will be uprooted and removed.  See and pay attention, for there is a clear pathway forming in front of you, a pathway that leads to fruitfulness and increase.

The Spirit of God is equipping and empowering you in this hour to stand and be strong in the midst of confusion, chaos and heated conflict.  Even now, there is a battle that rages in the heavenlies on your behalf, but fear not, be confident and be assured of the power in His Blood that has overcome every demonic assignment and onslaught on your behalf.

Look up and use what is in your hand.  He has given you weapons to war and to win, now take hold of His peace and His salvation, take hold of His righteousness and His faith, let His spirit and His truth guide and direct you.

I Prophesy:   You are standing in His victory in this hour.  Hope is rising, faith is rising, victory is yours.

I Prophesy:   It’s a new day and a new dawn for the faithful and fearless warriors of God.

Now I see the finger God begin to stretch you beyond your comfort zone, taking you beyond the borders of the familiarity and safety.  Man-made moulds are breaking, you are being transformed, reformed and refashioned in this season.

He is enlarging you, expanding you, increasing you and preparing you for this appointed time and season.  You are being reset and recalibrated for these are indeed set times, times of watching and waiting.

Heaven is about to move, shift and shake, for He is making way for a new day.  Watch, there is a release of the greater power of his presence.

I Prophesy:   His promises are now being made manifest upon the earth.  Are you ready?

For the suddenlies and great shiftings of God have begun to sweep across the nations like wild fires, as the cries of repentance go forth.  Be expectant!  For there shall be a display of God’s Glory that has never been seen on earth before now!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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