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God’s Greatest Weapon: Silence! — 3 Comments

  1. Yes sister Sherry, A BIG AMEN!!! to your statement “Silence is a theme that I believe must be mastered before God can use us as spokesmen”.  I love waiting on the Lord. I truly believe that waiting brings us closer to ourselves and our true nature, it reveals us to us. Waiting keeps me humble and tenderly devoted, it brings out the fact that I can do nothing by myself. It helps me to surrender my weaknesses so that He can make me strong and mature, perfect – not lacking anything. So it is indeed wonderful to wait, its much better than good times.

  2. This word is so true. How many of us in Christendom wait upon God. In prayer it’s good to be still and ask the Holy Spirit to pray through us that the flesh has no part. In other word flesh has to be crucified before entering the Holy of Holies. God is light, flesh and blood cannot enter the presence of God.

  3. Oh dear sister – right on time !
    At every workplace there are those “long-established” who think they are best, the strongest, and they disgrace the new ones. I saw many tears among the elderly last week, and another new employee went home with tears, so she told me yesterday, that even her husband wants to quit her there. So much jealousy, false pride among those who sit on their secure jobs who do everything and pull every register to blame the new employees. What a false generation… God speaks about this proud and evil generation of the last days. But as you write in your article: It all comes to the surface – let us praise the LORD. It is hard, hard to stand there quiet and silent when you see and hear the oppressions. They have much power in their tongues to get rid of the new and very motivated people, who dare to work with respect and correct.
    I dare to write this public. Please pray for me and my new colleague, that they do not succeed in casting us out. MAY THE LORD HOLD HIS MIGHTY HAND OVER HIS RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE. MAY HE COME AND POUR OUT HIS MIGHTY TRUTH, especially over this Shabbat and weekend, to let the good works grow and to make the evil mouths being shut to silence.

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