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Going About It Wrong and Ending Up Broke — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Ken.  Laid on my heart to testify of the sound principle that is tithing.

    Emmigrated to the UK end of 1980 from Africa. My wife and I already tithing Christians. On arrival in the UK with £750 we managed to obtain a house rent free. It was furnished. We promised to pay the utilities. Before being allowed to receive unemployment benefit we were forced to spend the little money we had, effectively making us broke. From the moment we received our benefit we diligently tithed 10% to the Church we attended. My wife was the first to land a job and within a fairly short time of arriving. We continued to live hand to mouth over many years. We did borrow money for essentials but retained a good credit history paying everything off. Back in these early days we did manage to save a little due to living within our means and we always had a few hundred pounds for this and that emergency. This was because we tithed first on our earnings.Bought and ran a number of inexpensive cars. ” A third class ride is always better than a first class walk” I eventually obtained a good job and our finances over a decade or more built to such an extent we eventually managed to take out a mortgage. Still paid our tithes. A decade ago paid cash for a newer car which, praise God is still running! The house is now paid for and whilst I have retired and my income has dropped, my wife has a very good job. The Covid lockdown has not affected us financially. Although regular Church meetings have stopped we continue to pay our tithe and give to vetted charities.

    Peripheral to this is that having dedicated 2 children to God, I can report they are both articulate and well balanced. Also have good jobs and have through God’s grace avoided problems such as alcohol and drug abuse.

    If you don’t withhold from God, He will not withhold from you! (incl your children)

    Poverty is not a virtue/characteristic of God’s people – Kim Clement 2015

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