Great Britain is Crossing Over!

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Great Britain is Crossing Over! 

“My beloved Britain, fear not!  At the sound of the lions roar your faith will soar, for its time to go forward and face your greatest fears.”

This morning I heard these words in the spirit, “Is there any hope for redemption, restoration and Kingdom reformation when we as a nation are between the devil and the deep blue sea?”

Then suddenly I saw in the spirit the people of the nation of Great Britain standing at a crossroads, their ruthless captives relentlessly pursuing them from behind, and a ferocious deep blue sea stood in front of them.  All hope seemed lost…..!

Then suddenly, I heard the sound of a mighty lion’s roar and the ground beneath their feet began to move and shift and a mighty wind began to blow across their path.  I watched and listened as many cried out for direction and deliverance!

Then suddenly, I saw on the horizon a mighty whirlwind that came from the east.  I watched intently as the mighty whirlwind moved across the deep waters causing the waters to be separated and then I heard these words:

“Watch, for the whirlwind of My Spirit now moves upon the deep waters making a way where there seemed no way.

My beloved Britain, fear not, at the sound of the lion’s roar, your faith will soar.  For its time to go forward and face your greatest fears, for I am taking you across on dry land and you shall look back and watch as your enemies are utterly defeated and destroyed!”

I submit in this hour, The LORD is calling the sons and daughters of this great nation to go forward in faith and face what may seem an impossible – crossing into the land of great promise, prosperity, restoration and Kingdom reformation.

Listen!  Though it may seem that you may drown in the deep seas that stands before you, The LORD is calling you as a great nation to go forward in faith, because He can see beyond the boarders and He can see something you cannot see.

In this hour, as you listen to His voice and choose to trust and obey, there are unforeseen signs, wonders and even greater miracles that await the people of this great nation.

Papa knows that when you take the initiative in the face of certain death, He will part the seas of uncertainty that stand before you and He will lead and direct you across on dry land and you will look back and watch as your enemies are utterly defeated and destroyed.

I prophesy:   In this hour and season, the faith-filled sons and daughters of Great Britain are “Crossing over” on dry land into their promised land, where abundance, increase, overflow and a great harvest awaits them.

Nevertheless – He Will Bring Healing!

I prophesy:   Never-the-less, you will walk in divine health, healing, abundance, peace and security.

I declare:   Always-the-more!

I just heard papa say, “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it.  I will heal My people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.  The word ‘nevertheless’ serves to mark a transition to something new”.

I decree:  Nevertheless I will now receive divine health and healing.  In this season I will enjoy abundant peace and security, in Jesus’ mighty name.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. The bless this work and make it stronger every day to reach more souls in the name of Jesus Christ

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