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  1. Two days ago, I suffered from a sprained shoulder.The pain was excruciating.Every movement was torture. Yesterday I visited a doctor who prescribed painkillers.Last night I dreamt I was getting ready for a party.
    I wore a long cream skirt and for the top, had to choose between a navy blue embroidered blouse or a maroonish red.I chose maroon and put on a matching necklace. My hair was styled appropriately.
    When I looked at myself I appeared much younger and beautiful.
    Then I walked into a room where there was a lady called Eva.(Eva means life). She smiled at me and said she was so happy for me.I didn’t get to know why.
    There was a song being played in the background with the following lyrics.
    “How good it is to give thanks unto the Lord.
    For He heals the broken hearted, binding up their wounds. It is good to bless His Holy Name ”
    Then I woke up and realized the shoulder pain had subsided. I’m much better today.

  2. Sounds like the same type of vision or dreams my Brother Dutch Sheets is saying…

    i decree and declare the JUBILEE Year is beginning as the sons and daughters of Elohim begins to speak with life and Truth beyond every circumstances and experiences…

  3. An ANGELICAL GODLY BLESSSING, as ♥♥♥HIS Vessel on earth, AMÉN, AMÉN, AMÉN..!♥♥♥


    JR 24 to 33

    DN 4

    IS 63

    PS 46.10

    JDG 21.26

    EX 21

    RV 12

    1 CHR 16


  4. Oh Amen Sandi!! I am in LOVE!!!
    I have also been feeling a new level of His Rest and Peace and Love. It’s not that the storm has subsided, but the Winds are only taking us higher…like the eagle!!
    Blessings beautiful lady :)

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