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  1. Pastor June, I wanted to encourage you. Your posts are never about you, they are always about the body of Christ. Also, your prophecies almost always focus on the Love of God and the Providence of God. I truly appreciate it and have for a long time. Be blessed in Christ

  2. Praise God! Yes, Amen! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I pray that all is well with you and your family, that Jesus is your Strong Tower in the center of you life, the center of your joy.
    I submit and choose the Lord God as my Counsel, my Master, Savior, Defender.
    I realize without God in our life, nothing is truly active, there is no power or life in a sense, all is dead until the Father of Light, the All Living God, Jesus The Alpha and Omega gives us life, by submitting our hearts to him in confession, believing that we have access to eternal life through Jesus Christ.

    Thank you, for sharing. God bless everyone!️❤️

  3. Lord I long to clearly hear your voice enlighten the eyes of my understanding and open my spiritual ears to hear you.im desperate for you and your leading

  4. Wonderful remainder, as I TRUST on ♥♥♥HIM nothing else, as HIS LIGHT is the Highest GRACE SELAH to me, as need solutions patterns during my serving duties for HIM♥♥♥.!
    AMÉN, for Everlasting Eternity, Never Ending..! waiting ♥♥♥HIS full COVENNANT endure
    MIGHTY FAITH WITH THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB on always..!, sensing SHALOM 24x7x366. AMÉN!

    JMS 1 to 5

    JN 15

    1 JN 1.1-9

    1 JN 2.1-9>10-12

    HEB 9 to 15

    2 TI 1

    2 TH 1

    LK 1 & 2

    JR 4

    PS 84

    AMÉN, SELAH are always awaiting to be RECEIVED. SHALOM INSIDE THEM..!

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