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Guidelines for Asking for Prophecy — 9 Comments

  1. not much because if I cannot hear The Holy Spirit I ask why and if i cannot her the answer I know demons are blocking so I get rid of them

  2. At times I am not able to here The Holy Spirit
    I command in Jesus name the blocking spirits to go then I can hear Him

  3. Remember Jesus controls demons so can allow them to block you
    Remember Daniel being blocked
    Instructions are simplest so God if you are to give a prophecy if So ask how when where and what to say

  4. How can demons block an answer from the Holy Spirit? Can demons read your mind and messages and block the holy spirits voice before you get the full message?

  5. Sounds complicated. Bob Jones once told me when I prophecy to have faith in God giving me the right words. He also said it is for building up. Also if I make a mistake God is not going to send hail down on me.

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