Have No Mercy with the Enemy!

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Try the Spirit to See if It Be of God!

This morning I am shaken in my spirit because the Spirit of The LORD is dealing with me so heavily concerning those who have made their allegiance with Jezebel and who are now mentally incarcerated and bound in a demonic vow and have form a unproductive unholy spiritually unhealthy soul tie with a demonic spirit that not only wants to control them, but also wants to kill out the identity of their offspring or physically kill their children!

This spirit is dominating the Church and creating a twisted perverted nature, so that the people can produce strange fire and recruit followers by enticing and manipulating people to oppose the holiness and righteousness of God by making them rebel against the pure things of God Spirit.

This spirit seduces the mind of the people by lying wonders and intimidation through magic divination and witchcraft by those prophets who have sold out to her, because she offers them positions of importance in her cult.

The church have become “miracle junkies,” so anybody who does anything they consider “supernatural,” they will run after and connect and support being easily influence by the demonic intoxication of what they think is the Holy Ghost.

“Try the spirit to see if it be of God” is not operating in the Kingdom of God because people are gift oriented rather than relationship committed to Elohim.

They are too lazy to form a spiritual relationship, so they depend on the physical attributes of gifts to determine if something is God or not, forgetting the scripture that says gifts and callings are without repentance.

Today I’m disturbed so greatly in my spirit at seeing the impact of the Jezebel/Ahab duo who are operating so greatly in men and women that have seduced and drawn so many in their web of deceit!

People need teaching in this hour, because as I travel and encounter leadership I’m seeing that many of them are unlearned in spiritual warfare and their ministries are infested with persons that are gifted but operating in the spirit of darkness.

Being unlearned, untrained and unteachable has caused many to enter into demonic covenants with spirits with whom they have no clue they have made allegiance with.

I’m praying seeking God and crying out for TRUTH to be revealed and that people will come from under the influence of those that are operating in works and powers of darkness!

We need laborers, not celebrities!

Have No Mercy with the Enemy!

One of the scariest things I have noticed are persons who seem to be seasoned, well trained in the word, and who operate in leadership positions but who can’t discern or who want an entourage so bad that they will pretend that they don’t know a person who shows sure signs of mental instability and who operate in attributes of insanity or mental challenges.

What’s even worst, they allow them to be their armor bearers, or they license, ordain or affirm them in ministry, and then loose them upon the church, knowing full well that they are operating with mental and emotional strongholds.

You have these people running from one person to another, or one ministry to another, attaching themselves as spiritual children, but are on a hidden assignment to damage a person character or ministry.

They connect with men and women of God to gain access to their intimate life.  They come in with this sweet, innocent, loving demeanor, until you don’t show them the attention they want or they can’t manipulate you, or use you, or you don’t give them a position beside you, then they turn into Chucky with a knife and try to cut you any way they can.

Too many in leadership are looking for status and are connecting with demons and devils instead of spiritual sons and daughters.  One thing I do is truly pray about those allowed in my life as a spiritual son or daughter.

I cover many persons, but I don’t bring attention to those who are connected to me, because of the warfare that comes against me.  I don’t let people know who my intercessors or prayer warriors are, and you will only know if somebody is spiritually connected to me by a need to know moment, because I know people will try to hurt them or pull info out of them and so I try to limit their warfare.

Often times, people come to me trying to say certain things about those whom they don’t know I’m connected to, and they put their foot in their mouth because they say stuff about them that I absolutely know not to be true.

Often I laugh in their face or I rebuke them, or I just hang the phone up and move forward.  You have to be careful of those that try to discredit persons when they say God told them to come those are the ones that want position and attention.

You also have to be extra careful of those gifted leadership rulers of darkness that want to connect but for the wrong reason.  In this hour the spirit of discernment better be in full operation in your life so that you can spiritually see the invisible realm and be able to detect when the Holy Ghost is in operation or a demonic spirit is using a person.

One thing the Spirit of The LORD spoke to me three times while in prayer, HAVE NO MERCY!  Don’t show no compassion on a demonic spirit!   If they come at you like a witch, war against them like they are one.  See the spirits in the people and address that spirit quickly!

~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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  1. Praise God ..thank you so much for awesome word.

    Please keep me in prayer and my family.

    I have read your other words that Abba Father Lord Jesus Christ Holy Spirit imparted to you..and I thank you for be obedient..words in season.

    God Bless always x.