He Has Overshadowed You in This Hour


“In this hour I have overshadowed you with My wing.  I have concealed and hidden you, making you invisible to the devourer that comes to steal the new portion that I have assigned for you,”  says God.

“Rest and be still in the shade of My safety and refuge.  Here I have given you a victory shout over defeat.  As you stay close, My shadow shields and protects, provides and preserves.

Under the shadow of My wing the light, warmth and power of My glory comes to renew your strength, revive passion and awaken you to purpose.

Beloved, in this place of nearness and intimacy we will come face to face, you will be encompassed and encapsulated by the transforming power of my love and beauty.

I will remove your old garments and clothe you with a new identity and I will call you by a new name,”  says God.

“Watch!  For the shadow of My wing is constant and unchanging it draws a dividing line, yes these are the boundary lines that have fallen for you in pleasant places,”  says God.

“And within these boarders you will find my abundant blessing and divine protection on the battlefront of conflict and intense warfare, these are the boundary lines that cannot be broken, removed, or infiltrated by the wiles and schemes of the wicked one.

Beloved, do not become distracted or discouraged but stay focused on My unchangeable love and grace toward you, keep moving forward in confidence and assurance as My shadow covers and leads you forward in this hour, stay close and stay in time and I will lead you into great victory,”   says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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He Has Overshadowed You in This Hour — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, Father this I will obey and do. I love go hear your words spoken this and everyday Thank you for guiding my steps. I love you.

  2. Glory to God, Thank you Father, I receive your istructions to hear what the Apirit is saying in this hour, my ears are open, my eyes open, for this indeed is you speaking to me.  I’m watching for the shadow of your wings. Awesome words spoken this day
    Thank you Veronika, West for speaking it forth, Blessings to you precious heart.

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