Test Every Word and Try the Spirit

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Unhealthy Spiritual Soul Ties to Leaders

Some of you, by your lovely actions, must love to be abused and love punishment.

You prayed for God to deliver you from the Pharaoh who ran the ministry you were in, like a tyrant and dictator, and God brought you out.  He then placed you with someone who actually cares for you, but you keep running back to the place of abuse, into the arms of the same person who abused you, suppressed you, and held you back.

One thing a Shepherd won’t do, is continue to let the sheep run into the arms of the enemy, so they have to run fast to keep snatching them.

The sheep back from what they should be running from.  When we keep running back to a person who only shown that their actions are not good toward you, then you need to understand that an unhealthy spiritual soul tie has been established.

When you know God said, don’t go back, but you can’t shake them; you dreaming of them; you keep trying to find a reason to see them; then there is a connection that is not godly that has been formed.

If God has uprooted you from the hand of the enemy, given you peace, has given you a breakthrough, and things are now coming to pass, prayers are being answered, and the blessings are flowing, why do you keep trying to reconnect to a person or place that has hurt you wounded you and left you for dead?

I’m seeing it so much in this hour, that people will support, uphold and fight for a bad leader, but will disrespect, dishonor and disregard the leader who loves, pushes and helps them.

You can’t keep connecting with your past thinking that you’re going to change somebody, who doesn’t want changing!

You prayed for God to deliver you and He has.  Now stop crying like a baby, and continue forward!

Test Every Word and Try the Spirit

Prophets, you are giving warnings concerning things that are getting ready to happen, but where are the instructions from The LORD for the righteous?

What instructions have been given to the people of God for their protection?

Every warning God has given me for the people, always contained instructions for His people to keep them safe from harm, as judgment passes through the land.

He doesn’t just leave His people in fear uncertainty and confusion.

Sometimes we release a vision or dream too early, before we get the fullness, or before we go before The LORD and receive full understanding.  There are many who say you are Prophets and I notice that you carry a spirit of pride when you release a word of judgment, as if you are some superior prophet.

Some show joy at the fact that God is going to judge situations or people with death or destruction, or nations and people with devastation, rather than interceding for mercy and grace concerning the souls that will be lost if they die in sin.

Some are giving partial prophecies and withholding the word that can cause things to change if the people obey the instructions.

  • God is speaking Prophets, but where are the instructions for the people?
  • What is He saying to His people to keep them from being destroyed with the wicked?
  • What do the people need to do to get in preparation for the storms that are coming?
  • What did God reveal to you so that you can be spared?

Sometimes we can be selfish in our prophecies; we release doom and gloom to the people but hold the part only for ourselves, our families, or our connections that will keep us from being consumed in God’s wrath and anger.

I’m watching very closely prophetic words in this hour that are released from people.  Some are not God’s prophets but satan agents releasing words of judgment against the people under the disguise of a prophetic word from The LORD and the people are not challenging the Words because they are speaking with a counterfeit sound that duplicates God’s voice and they begin to come into agreement with it, because they copied a few lines from some authentic words they heard from true prophets of God and satan is able to bring forth the destruction, because nobody stood in the gap or sought God concerning rather it’s Him or the enemy talking.

The LORD showed me many disasters came forth because people didn’t seek Him concerning if the Word was true.  They just came in agreement and began to duplicate the prophecies that were actually curses in disguise.

We must be careful in this hour that we don’t become silent partners with witches warlocks workers of evil by coming into agreement with demonic forces that want to release illegal curses and destruction upon the land and people.

Make sure before you come into agreement or start spreading a Word that it was definitely a Word that was released by The LORD.

Even some of these prayers that we get off the internet that we are using as warfare prayers, were written and release by persons who practice divination.  That is why when you pray those prayers, what you pray starts happening in your life because you trying to curse someone that God said can’t be curse because He has established that they be blessed.

People, be careful in this hour that you don’t get caught up in unrighteousness and foolishness because you not praying and seeking God for yourself.

My instructions to people always when I release a Word is to pray and ask God yourself, because you never want to be depending upon the word of a man or woman over the voice of God.

Listen seek hear obey because God is talking and you don’t want to be fooled deceived or me a enemy of God, because you have come into agreement with unrighteous and unholy things.

Take heed that you are not deceived by a different sound and a different voice.  Make sure whatever you are hearing that it is definitely being released by God!  Somebody tried to release something to me that I knew wasn’t of God. it sounded good, but the Spirit of The LORD said that’s not me, listen and as they continue to speak, they said something contrary to the word and I immediately rebuke them and hung the phone, slap up in their face.

I don’t entertain demons and devils and immediately begin to war against any Words they have released falsely over and in anyone life!

People, immediately cancel divination prayers, prophecies and decrees!

Be Careful Who’s Praying for You!

I was talking to a woman of God earlier and we were discussing the lack of leadership, and having the proper covering in prayer, because the people are caught up in their own lives and situations.

Often times, after persons have stood with a leader for awhile, if they’re not careful, they will begin to become resentful toward the leader especial if the leader begins to experience breakthrough and blessings in a continual basis.

It’s real dangerous to have persons who  are supposed to be praying and standing with you in prayer, have their mind on other things and are walking in resentment and anger toward their leader.

Having consistent intercessors who pray for leaders on a continual basis is very needful in this hour, because of the dimension of warfare that many in leadership is facing.  Often they are on the battlefield with persons preoccupied with tooting their own horns, or building their own ministries.

The most dangerous person you can have on your intercession team is one that feels like they are just as, or more, anointed than you, and resenting having to serve you, because they feel you are beneath them.

Too many persons have a team of prayer warriors who are preachers who only want the publicity, but not the position.  They only pretend to pray or stand in the gap, because they feel it looks good on their spiritual resume!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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