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He Will Exceed Your Expectations and Needs — 5 Comments

  1. Woohoo! Awesome, incredible, amazing, wonderful, phenomenal and so beautiful.  Thank you my Lord. Thank you mighty woman of God. Shalom.

  2. Thank You You Abba Father for Your Goodness and for doing Exceeedingly abundantly above ALL that I can Ask Think Or Imagine to the Glory of God- That I might Be Blessed to be A Blesaing!!! Thank You And Bless you my sister June!❣

  3. Hallelujah!  I believe and receive this as from the Lord.  I know He is a good, good Father and that nothing will He withhold from those who love Him.  I can hardly wait to see His blessings flow freely to those He will use to bless others!  Hallelujah!!!

  4. I receive it in the name of Jesus. Thankbyou sister, God spoke with me through you.  God bless you. Remember me in your prayers.

  5. I love this:
    “Abundance. Surplus, more than you can dream of, more than you can store, will I pour into you, and you will be a conduit of blessing,” says The LORD.

    He is awesomely awesome!

    Thanks for this word today. It is encouraging.

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