Healing, Reviving, Restoring, Renewing America!

A Word for America!


God is healing, reviving, restoring and renewing the broken heart of America

Yesterday afternoon while walking on the beach as I do most days, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a deep sense of urgency to pray again for the American people.

As I began to cry out to the Father for this Great Nation, suddenly the Holy Spirit showed me a very powerful and poignant picture.  I saw the Nation of the United States of America in the shape of a large heart, as I looked at the heart, I saw that it was made of stone.

I looked again and I saw that the stony heart was deeply cracked and badly broken in many places.  The heart of stone was brittle and looked very fragile.

Now, as I looked again at the brokenness of the heart, suddenly I heard the sound of deep laughter that came out of the heavens and I saw the Father’s tears rolling down His beautiful face.  I watched as His tears fell upon the hard stony heart.

Then suddenly, I saw the heart of stone begin to move, shift and change in appearance and with every tear of Joy that fell from the Father’s face the heart of stone began to be healed and fully restored.

I watched closely as the heart became fully immersed and saturated with the Fathers tears.  Each tear of Joy was life giving, each tear was a death blow to the destructive plans of the enemy.

I saw every deep crack and badly broken place within the heart suddenly and completely renewed, revived, restored and made whole.

My own heart lept for joy as I heard the Father’s laughter and I saw His tears of joy falling upon the Great Nation of America.

I was filled with great confidence and great assurance that Christ has ultimately triumphed over evil in this Great Nation and any defiance of Him and His will, plan, purpose and Kingdom Destiny for this Nation is futile!!

I saw the Father sitting high in the heavens.  He was calm, unthreatened and unmoved by what the enemy is doing and how the enemy is moving!

Who can oppose the awesome power of our God.  The Almighty One does not even rise from His throne, but He sits and laughs in derision at those that would seek to stand against the power of His Glory and Grace in the Nation of America in this hour.

I Decree:   In this season, the broken heart of the United Stats of America will be healed, revived, restored and renewed to the glory of God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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