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Hear the Sound in the Heavenlies! — 4 Comments

  1. This word sounds wonderful, just like so many other words. But nothing ever came to pass. Why do so many commenters say AMEN? That means, yes, it’s true, it’s like this. But Jesus didn’t come. There is no salvation and no justice at all. The world is in utter darkness and the injustice is so great like never before. Where is Jesus? Did I miss anything? The life of a christian is full of severe persecution, torture and torment. This world sank into lawlessness. But only for chtistians. They are being persecuted and chased to the core, tortured to a point where they can’t go on and are completely hopeless, only waiting for Jesus to rescue them. I don’t understand all the very nice prophecies, which never come to pass, but the very opposite.

  2. “Hear the rhythm of the Heavenly hooves, pounding out the themes of the coming King”

    Amen, just the other day I thought about the fact that the Lord the last weeks has given me certain songs with that specific rythm of a walking horse which includes the vision that He and His army is in the saddle.

    It is no doubt these days that He confirms His Word in Many ways through His servants despite that they live in different places on the earth.

    Blessings from Sweden

    “and blood (of the righteousness in Jesus) came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles(from where the righteous riders steer the spiritual powers) by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs (measured not in ‘meters’ but in ‘times’).Rev.14:20

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