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  1. Jesus said he came NOT to destroy the law or the prophets but to fulfill them. Fulfill does not mean destroy or abolish because if it did the scripture would make no sense. He came to give his spirit so that we might keep the law by the grace of his spirit. If you are free from the law you are lawless. MANY will come to him in that day who claim born again status and will be told go away from me you lawless one I never knew you. If you eat detestable things, don’t follow the laws of clean and unclean,don’t keep the Sabbath (not Sunday) and don’t keep the feasts, your being “saved” will not help you.

  2. Grace is ABOVE the law, just as you are from ABOVE and NOT, from below … the mercy seat was, is, ABOVE THE ARK, wherein is, was, the law contained… therefore seek things above …for your life is now HID with God IN Christ… if you seek to keep the law you cut yourself, off from grace … because you seek to keep in place that which is destined to be kept below … but you dearly loved one ante kept IN ME, because I am risen, I am ascended from Below and …I have raised u up WITH ME, UP …WITH ME, so you are seated in heavenly places where I am …and not seated below with the law that can neither raise you nor keep you ….I desire for you NO dead ends, no blunting of grace, but an effusion an article xplosion of my life …this is My X factor. Factor this truth into thee.

  3. Thank you for pointing this out. Galations 2:4
    This issue arose because some FALSE BROTHERS were brought in under FALSE PRETENSES to spy on our freedom in Christ Jesus, in order to enslave us,”
    The Bride of Christ you saw in the vision, is the double-minded church. Spying is modern. When I think about the mountain (amount) of money and time that people have waisted for chasing after me, hunting after me, treating me like a criminal… I stand here today and declare: GOD WILL BRING IT TO HIS JUSTICE, WHEN HIS BOOKS GET OPENED !
    I cry out to my Redeemer: COME, LORD JESUS, COME ! P L E A S E, C O M E !

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