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  1. Sandy, The Fire of God is working in you, as us all. Judgement must begin in His House first. But this Fire is not for your destruction but for your/our Refining and Purification, that His Bride comes out as the Gold of Ophir, Ps 45:9, and as His True Sons of Levi, Mal 3; Ez 44. Jesus came to baptise us in The Holy Spirit AND Fire! Lk 3:16.
    Remember, Beautiful Glass Vessels that hold His Holy Oil, Living Water, and New Wine for many others to drink from, are made from highly heated and melted SAND(Y)!

    Psa 30:5
    For His anger is but for a moment,
    His favor is for a lifetime;
    Weeping may last for the night,
    But a shout of joy comes in the morning!

  2. Blessed Sandy…. For that’s what God calls you. The wait can be long but assuredly God is the true and faithful one. He would show up suddenly like he did for the israelites the day of the Exodus… No prior notice. Just midnight put on your sandals and depart… Freedom, deliverance and salvation has come. Amen. Be ready.

  3. That sounds so wonderful. But I’m hearing such great words for years and years and the persecution and suffering increases more and more. God is not moving at all, at least not for me to see. I’m totally defeated by Satan. I’m waiting so eagerly and am so so longing for this word to come true. I can’t endure any longer. God bless

    • He knows.just Remember, when we are weak He is strong.  Its ok beloved.
      Fall into his arms… the LORD will not let you fall. He will carry you…across His faithful finish line.He loves you so!

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