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  1. Amen! I was meant to see this as I don’t check these updates regularly.
    In August 2019, the sister at the deliverance ministry I was lead to received two separate visions of her and I in crimson colored dresses, on the same day. She also received in a word, if I fail correctly, that they represent the new covering that goes on top of the white dress/covering, or wineskin to hold a greater anointing of the holy spirit.

    The dunamis power of God is also very confirming as I received a dream in June 2017 of exiting a long warehouse (the wilderness journey and the race) only to have a building explode right in front of me. That morning the Lord led me to a brother who made a video about hearing an huge explosion in his room one night. . How the remnant bride will receive this dynamite dunamis power of God as in the book of Acts during the last great harvest of souls (a revival that will look like none other before it!).

    I can link or copy the New Wine Skins word on request.

    Thank you and Praises to our God!

  2. This is very much in line with a prophetic word God gave at the start of the year re this being a time in history of new beginnings and also one I am currently writing in which God has said if you want to go to Ai and take the plunder you have to go through Jericho first. Jericho is about 3 things devoting everything to God, burning our land to the ground and the main thing God is having me home in on and I believe is a prophetic question that God is asking us as individuals, as a church and as nation and that us Do you love me (put your name here) above all else? Achan didnt but those who did went onto other lands and enjoyed the inheritances God had for them. I believe as we love God above all else new wineskin ministries and new inheritances / beginnings will be birthed for His glory. Amen.

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