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His Secret Is About To Be Revealed — 3 Comments

  1. : )
    Pray by now
    Life is much better for Your Son and His Family
    in many ways/Abundantly.
    Running on a Clean New Oil Change
    with a New Filter and the Heavenly Grade of Oil
    Flowing through every facet of their lives/clearly
    Giving them Years of Running Solidly
    By HIM
    In HIM
    With HIM
    For HIM

  2. It took me a few times to get back to this post Doug, but knew it was deep. It was very encouraging to see more harmony in the Body of Christ operating together on this site.
    As they say this about jumped out at me, “Our new wine skins are The Body’s safety, so that the New Wine doesn’t destroy us, as in times past, through ‘other vessels’, old skins. Luke 5:37.
    God is sure dong a remarkable thing with us as we yield. Your testimony blessed me.

  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful confirmation of It is no Secret and Yearning for the Heart of Jesus, Doug. What a word the Lord gave you as a divine connection and affirmation to you son and his family as well as the family here at HKP. I have been sensing for quite sometime the beauty of the spirit of Unity and one accord among the authors here at HKP, It is such a lovely example of honor and needing one another just as the Lord said it should be. So Powerful..HIS SECRET is about to be revealed and He is blessing those who have faithfully kept His secrets. Sending the Father’s love and blessings to you and yours, Sandi Holman

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