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  1. The Church in the British Isles is very ancient. It goes back into the first century- and has roots in both Jerusalem and North Africa. As a group of islands we are no stranger to the Christian faith nor with revival and awakenings. But the church in general is at a very low ebb at the present time and elements of it really do need ‘reviving’ and the Holy Spirit blow into it. Just take the attitude to evangelism. Most opposition to it comes from within the Church – not the secular world!

  2. Brother Chris,
    The Lord moved us from the UK to the USA over 25 years ago. He said go and we did, at the time it has been prophesied that my husband and I had a Joshua and Caleb annointing. After being ‘born again” the the Lord placed us in several different UK churches to serve him, so we were blessed to experience many different revelations in the UK church . The annointing on us was strifled by institution and that’s why he brought us here, but also to bring a very small spark of British revival inside us .  Recently , interacting with family and watching British TV again ,through iPlayer,I have discerned that the BBC in particular, and all the mockingbird media, keep the people trapped in that cultural paradym of submission to the British stereotype whilst peddling their “progressive” agendas. I believe there is a religious Spirit that stems from the C of E that is pervasive into all areas of culture.
    I pray that the mountain of media will fall and the veil of psychosis is broken so that revival will ring out from the UK across Europe and the whole world.
    Blessings .

  3. Thankfully, God looks at the heart and not by outward appearances or personality. America is showy, shallow and superficial. This is a cult of personality, not necessarily the Holy Spirit. Sincerely hope that the church in Britain will not become like America!

  4. I pray for my brothers and sisters in the UK, may we ALL come to the fullness of life in Christ Jesus. We are one in Christ. Praise GOD!

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