How Much Is It Worth?

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How Much Is It Worth?

There is a story of a young man that ran and knelt at the feet of Jesus.  He asked Him, good Master, what must I do to obtain eternal life?  Jesus strongly replied, “There is none good but one, that one is God.”   This could deflate some of our self-righteous ego, if we let it.  I read something in this today, that I had missed before.  The text says, that Jesus, when He beheld him, loved him.  We overlooked, precious words.

The Lord knew this young man loved Him; there was no doubt of that.  He later remarked to his disciples, “How hardly shall they that have riches, enter into the Kingdom of God.”  You see, this young man, was very rich.  As we know, the Lord told him to go and sell all that he had and give it to the poor.  Full stop.  I wonder what might happen, if Jesus asked some of our wealthy ministers to do the same thing today.  How many would.  He told the man, then, take up the cross, and follow me.  How much was it worth.

No man can serve two masters.  For either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.  You cannot serve God, and riches.  We wonder often times, how so many ministries seemed to start off on the right foot, but somehow get off the path.  How is it that many churches today, are so involved in growth and the looks of their building, that they do not realize that their true spirituality, has waned.  It’s because you can’t love both.  The dilemma is, which is more important.

Many would declare, that they have not sacrificed anything truly worth that much.  They’d say, there’s been no trade-off.  There is always a trade-off.  I saw men and even women, trade their true spiritual belief, for acceptance in the inner circle.  In order to progress up the ladder, you have to give up something.  How much, is it worth.  Piece by piece, step by step; until that which was begun, no longer looked like, what it once had been.  I learned just now, that it never said Jesus did not love people with material wealth.

This young man went away very grieved.  He loved the Lord, just as many who have so much might do today.  But he loved his possessions, more.  I wonder what people will sell out for today, rather than take a stand for what they truly believe.  What will it cost us, to speak up for those, nobody else wants to hear about.  Will we take the lower road, the lesser way, the very least of the least, to love those, no one else loves.  Will I speak what the Spirit says speak, whether it’s received, or not.

Just how much, is it worth?

When Evangelists Report

I just read a post from someone who has traveled all over this country, for many, many years, preaching and singing.  They’ve made music albums, toured with several choir groups and has been seen and heard in countless churches and gatherings throughout the lands.  This minister has just reported on what they have seen in this recent time.  Sadly, it has thoroughly confirmed, what has been reported here too.

It’s hard for me to accept.  I weep, but I will say what I feel.  What have you done, to our Father’s House.  You’ve almost destroyed, everything we ever held dear;  but most of all, the old-time power of the Holy Ghost.

Many were driven out, for all kind of reasons; they wandered adrift and forsaken by those they had sincerely loved.  So much pain, such desolation and such loss.  And now, you do much of the same things you drove others out for doing.  The Spirit lets me write this, so I’m doing it.  What, have you done.

No more altars; no more lingering with people until victory has come.  And people pleasing leadership, that caters to what people want spoken.  Still claiming power, but in essence, mostly powerless.  Doors closed to those who are called to evangelize; allowing only their special friends and such.  A hyped-up kind of music with no deep and spiritual roots.  No young folk in the altars, travailing and seeking God for as long as it took.  Going just so long and letting out just so, so that people can go eat and do their other fun.

Witnesses.  There’s too many witnesses.  It’s one thing when one or two say something, but when reports come in all over the country, something is amiss.  The day of technology; seeing for yourself what is transpiring.  It’s no wonder some churches stopped putting up the videos of their services.  It all looks the same.  Yes there’s traces; there will always be a remnant.  I didn’t really know that before, but there is.  But the fields, are very empty.

You know how I know the laborers in the field are so few; because me and countless scores of others, don’t see them out here.

I won’t be the same.  I will not mention this ministers name; but if anyone knows, they do.

I hear of signs, wonders and miracles being done; but why is it not in the papers, or on the breaking news.  There are so many sick and injured people trying to walk these streets; nobody’s out here, healing them. I’m not bitter.  I was hurt to know it’s true.  Forsaken ones, discarded ones, cold-shouldered ones, restored ones; it’s time to arise.  We surely, have much work to do.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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