How Music Can Boost Your Healing


Have you been to the doctor, received prayer and taken medications and supplements … but still don’t feel completely well?

I have good news for you today –– there is a specific type of music that can bring healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I and many of my team have been listening to this music for over a year and each time I put it on, I can feel the healing effects of it!

In this week’s Spirit Connection podcast episode, my special guest is Michael Tyrell, the visionary, musician, composer, producer and creator of WholetonesTM: The Healing Frequency Music Project and author of Wholetones: The Sound of Healing.

He exists to bring love, healing and motivation to a hurting world and, in turn, inspire others in our generation to do the same.

Listening to music may not be our first course of action when we don’t feel well, but for millennia it has been recognized for its therapeutic value.  But not all frequencies of music are healing.

When you watch a movie, the soundtrack is what creates your mood …  it moves you to feel anxiety, joy or even the pain of the characters. Music also has a powerful effect on our physical bodies and can lift our mood as well.

Michael Tyrell’s WholetonesTM music project is 2½ hours of beautiful instrumental music with specific healing frequencies that can help you restore sleep, reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

Tune into the conversation below and find out more!

In this podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • What makes WholetonesTM and “David’s key” different from other frequencies of music
  • The correlation between speaking life and death –– and frequencies
  • How frequencies affect people at the cellular level
  • Some amazing testimonies of people healed by listening to specific tones
  • Ways to use this music to benefit your body, pets and even plants
  • How this music creates a peaceful environment wherever you are

Listen Online Below:

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~ Doug Addison

Doug AddisonDoug Addison is a prominent conference speaker captivating audiences with clean stand-up comedy and high energy prophetic messages, also shared on TV, radio and the Internet for over a decade.  He brings laughter, fun and a unique prophetic style while empowering people to transform their lives, discover their destiny and understand dreams, tattoos and piercings. His powerful messages stay with his audiences long after hearing him.

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