Multiple Streams of Income

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Kingdom Finances

These three need to be seriously taught, first to leaders, then perhaps those under them will understand.

You can’t teach a Kingdom concept of finances if you are not being an example yourself!

How about you give the first thousand dollars when you say God said give and don’t put it in the offering, because many times you are just getting back your own money.  But sow it to somebody in the congregation that God directs you to, so your seed can go into a ground that’s not biased!

Let’s help the people to stop just being dependent on others to help them.  Let’s teach them the principles of financial increase and overflow.

Let’s show them the reward of seed-time and harvest and giving and receiving.  Let’s be an example of a entrepreneur a business owner.  Let’s show them that being able to provide for themselves is not a sin because seriously some people think getting a job is a sin.

We know that the economy may be rocky, but our God isn’t but if we don’t obey His word we will be in a economic crunch just like the world.

Remember Psalm 91 is truly our portion. In the secret place the holy place is where we shall abide!

Multiple Streams of Income

The Spirit of the LORD just spoke to me and said, “You are not helping people if they depend on you to be their source, when they are in financial trouble.”

He said,  “Instead of always pulling from your provision, teach them how to create their own.”

In ministry, I am noticing that leaders and lay persons don’t use their creative abilities to create their own wealth.  They will just pull from somebody else’s provision stream of income, rather than to develop an idea that will create a business or legitimate source of income for them.

God has been dealing with me heavily about the concept of multiple streams of income to have different avenues of revenue.

God is not trying to make you rich, He is trying to get you wealthy.  Rich people have many times a one shot major idea that if it doesn’t work, they fail.  Whereas a wealthy person keeps creating so that they don’t ever run out of income, meaning that if one thing lacks, it doesn’t stop their stream from flowing, because they have something else to sustain that season of lack until it turns.

God is not against us having resources, we just have to know how to manage our finances and what to do with our ideas plus we must also do the principles requiring in our giving to see the increase overflow harvest.

If you’re in ministry and all you doing is waiting on people to sow into you, then you miss the whole concept of when He is talking about bringing forth provisional sources

Yes, there will be persons who will be sent to sow into your vision and to even personally help you, but God doesn’t want our dependency to be on people.  He wants us to trust Him and to use the creativity that resides on the inside of all of us to bring forth multiple streams of income!

Blessings just a little financial tidbit to help us so we can stop getting frustrated and preaching and throwing off on people because we got bills to pay!  After all anybody will get tired of you always looking for them to take care of sometimes what you created by living beyond your means.

If you can’t afford it, if you haven’t heard from God about getting it, if you don’t have faith for it, then leave it alone!

God Won’t Fail!

One thing I know about my God is He won’t fail!

Right now as I’m typing, the Spirit of the LORD said just let your fingers flow.

I hear the Spirit of the LORD saying to some of you, “It’s time to let go and move on.  Some of you are holding up your own destiny, because you are locked in a time zone of past misery.”

You are yet holding on to things that the LORD resolved but your mind won’t let go!  It’s time for freedom because it’s hindering you from advancing to what God wants to do next through your life.

Some of you are yet being held captive in your mind from hurt.  It’s not that you’re not been set free the deliverance was complete it’s your mindset that is holding you in bondage your thoughts need to be renewed you need the word not another praise break!

You have danced, shouted, run, but only the study, understanding, and the knowledge of the word, is going to renew your mind so that you can walk in the freedom of the victory that has already been done.

The Spirit of God is calling for you to let go now so you can receive your promise.  He is moving for you but the entrapment of your mind won’t let you see how God is blessing you and bringing you forth.

The LORD keep saying it’s not a spirit neither their flesh it’s their minds that need to go through the process of cleansing.  The mind can trick you into receiving something that is no longer there.

Memories can trigger familiar reactions even when something no longer exists.  Take for instance a person can have a leg cut off, but yet think their leg is itching or their toe hurts, because the memory triggers a non existence situation.

The mind needs cleansing, renewing and you have to cast down those thoughts that are in opposition to the knowledge of God.

You are free, victorious, and no longer bound.  Rise up now and prepare yourself.

It’s time to truly cross over all the way into your promise land.

God has spoken.  He has delivered and now it’s time for you to live what is already yours!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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  1. Amen Thank you for those encouraging and uplifting words.May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors