How to Hear The Holy Spirit


It is important to be able to hear The Holy Spirit clearly, as He is your guide to live as Jesus desires you to live, and to fight Satan in the way Jesus desires you to fight Satan.

Remember that to be an adopted child of The Father you need to be led by The Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14).

Preparatory Prayer

Lord, I want to hear The Holy Spirit so I can do Your Will and be guided to be your follower and live as your adoption son or daughter.  I give this desire to you and am sorry for anything I have done wrong in this area or associated areas of hearing The Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ Name I command any demons that are blocking me from hearing and understanding the truths that The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit want me to hear and understand to go immediately in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of Judgment to be dealt with by Jesus. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to take their place.

How You Hear Him

Unless The Holy Spirit or Satan actually appear to you, they can only talk to you in your mind.  When they are communicating with you, it is as if they are your own thoughts or that you are talking to yourself.  People often mistake this for a disorder, as if there are apparently two personalities in them, when demons are speaking audibly in their mind.

Also, when The Holy Spirit is speaking, they usually think it is their own thoughts.  So you need to know who is interacting with you.

They communicate through: thoughts, dreams, day dreams, emotions, sensations, feelings etc.  If it is not your thoughts, or one of the other communicating methods, then it is either The Holy Spirit or Satan placing them there.  You can actually hold a conversation with the Holy Spirit or the demons representing Satan and ask them questions and they will answer if appropriate.

Only answers from The Holy Spirit are 100% truthful.  Demons will answer in a way that furthers their purposes for you.

You will need to silence your mind.  You may have trouble hearing Him (The Holy Spirit) especially if you are in a place full of distractions or in a place where Satan rules.

Remember, The Holy Spirit, has a still, small (quiet) voice.  He will place an impression, picture, or thought in your mind, give you an emotion, or even speak to you in an audible voice.  You will know it is from Him as it will not cause you to fear.  He may speak in other ways than these, but these are the normal ways.  You may feel a check in your spirit which is a ‘no’.  If He does not reply, it is also a ‘no’, so you ask Him the reason why He said ‘no’ as He may tell you and you may find out more by this than by the answer you wanted.

If He gives you an answer, any answer He gives will line up with The Bible, and you will have peace in your heart over it.  Remember, God will not contradict His Bible.

Satan will try to cause you doubt about what you are hearing then cause you to reason that it is wrong or impossible so that you believe you are not hearing correctly.  Satan will also at times place fear or other wrong emotions in you to cause you to doubt God’s Love, Control, Plans or Purposes for you.  Satan does this to take away your trust in God and His Love for you, your Joy in Him as well as rewards and His things He has for you.

He will also try to have you misinterpret or misapply The Bible in a way that suit his purposes.  At times Satan will block you hearing The Holy Spirit, so you need to cast him out and stop him doing this, and ask the Holy Spirit again, what you desired to know.  If you do not hear from The Holy Spirit, ask the following:

  • Are you in a place in which Satan rules so that the spiritual atmosphere is blocking The Holy Spirit?
  • Are you in sin and do you need to deal with it using the five steps?
  • Are you to ask this particular question of The Holy Spirit?
  • If you do not get an answer, it may not be the time to ask.
  • It may not be the time to receive the answer.
  • It may not be an appropriate question to ask.
  • Jesus may not want you to have the answer so Satan will not know what Jesus is going to do and try to stop it or replace it with his version of what you are to do.
  • Are you to command demons that are blocking you from hearing the Holy Spirit to leave in Jesus’ Name?
  • Do you really want to hear the answer?
  • Are you seriously listening or just going through the motions of listening?

You do not really need to know what God is doing as God will always do His best for you if you seek to know Him better and to do His Will.  As long as you obey what you know He asks you to do, you will be on the path He has prepared from before creation on which are all the things He needs you to do as well as all the promises and blessings He has given you  (Matthew 6:33, Ephesians 2:10).

The Holy Spirit is your Companion in this life, so it is necessary to be in continual communication with Him as He helps you to navigate the traps of Satan and do the Will of God.


Neville Salvetti is a deliverance minister and can be contacted via
The Web Pages of Neville Salvetti and at: if you desire deliverance or to know how to do it.

I have been told to preach three things:
○ Deliverance.
○ How to Hear The Holy Spirit.
○ How to fight Satan.
This is the need of the hour as it demonstrates The Kingdom of God, which is what attracts people to Jesus.

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