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True Prevailing Prayer — 1 Comment

  1. You know the value you are to the kingdom when the warfare of the enemy comes at you with fierceness and persistence. When you look to the left and right and see no one. But I encourage you, for The Lord sees your tears and He knows your heart. He sees your weariness and is determined to love you and strengthen you. He has declared victory for you. I speak this word to all who have endured the fiery darts of the enemy and are waiting on The Lord. You shall recieve double honor for your shame. You were in the back but He has called you to the front . Vindication has come has from Me, says The Lord. Re
    Rest now those who are weary and heavy laden. The Lord Jesus gives you rest. Praise The Lord! Worthy is the Lamb who was wounded for our iniquities and pierced by our transgressions. You shall overcome by the word of your testimony.

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