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  1. Power in Praise

    “Jim’s father had been an alcoholic for thirty years. During all those years Jim’s mother, and later Jim and his young wife had prayed that God would heal him, but with no apparent result. Jim’s father refused to admit that he had a problem and stalked out in anger if anyone mentioned religion to him.

    Jim brought home a recording of my message and played it over and over again for his friends.

    Finally one day it struck him; he had never tried praising God for his father’s condition.

    He said, “Honey, let us thank God for Dad’s alcoholism and praise the Lord that it is part of His wonderful plan for Dad’s life!”

    For the rest of that day they gave thanks and praised God for every aspect of this situation, and by evening they felt a new sense of excitement and expectation.”
    Paraphrasing from here on: Jim’s parents would visit them every Sunday for dinner, but his dad would leave asap. But this Sunday, over a cup of after dinner coffee he suddenly asked a pointed question. “What do you think of this Jesus Revolution? I saw something about it on the news last night. Is it a fad, or is something happening to those kids who were hung up on drugs?”

    This question opened the door for a long discussion that went on until late in the evening. Within weeks Jim’s father admitted he had a drinking problem, and he turned to Jesus and was completely healed. – – –
    Merlin Carothers

    • Romans 8:28 applies here
      And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

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