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  1. I am also huge love and research for Strong’s concordance with Greek and Hebrew mythologies, dictionaries, numeric and bibical meanings.

    AMEN, I receive another grand GOD given msg filled with HIS absolutes. GLORY

    Thank you SISTER Deborah…
    “You stand in the FULL STRENGTH of the Glorious Son!  Arise and shine!”

    “So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is FINISHED!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit,” John 19:30.

    Τετέλεσται (Tetelestai): Strong’s Greek 5055: ” I end, finish, I fulfill, accomplish, I pay.” From telos; to finish, end, complete, execute, conclude, discharge. To complete (consummate), i.e. finish the necessary process – with the results “rolling-over” to the next level (phase) of consummation.

  2. Glory to God! Thank You Father God and Deborah! I receive this in my hearing with signs & wonders, miracles and Great Manifestation! So much of this is a 24 hour confirmation of what I just texted to my brother! Such a Timely and encouraging word filled with Hope & Joy with such Great Expectation! YES LORD, I DECREE That the Rest of this Year is the BEST OF THE YEAR for Me & The Righteous❣️

  3. Thanks for the expanded translation of “tetelestai”. Pregnant with meanings!

    Also, the Lord said: “You stand in the FULL STRENGTH of the Glorious Son!”

    Compare that with the numbers you shared: 12+20.

    12 in the Heb. Aleph Bet is
    YOD = 10. YOD’s ancient symbol is a hand, see H3027.
    BET = 2.  BET’s symbol is as a house, Jn 15:5-7, and also reps “Son” see H H1121 “Ben”. (Aleph #1 = Father>Abba)

    20 is the value of the letter KAF. It’s symbol looks like the palm of the hand(Kaf is also the 11th letter = 10 = Yod and 1 = Aleph!) “KAF” also means “Palm” H3709.

    The numbers, as I “see” it represents The Hand and Palm of The Son, His Full Strength, Out of The Father Col 2:9-10, in which we stand!

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