Hurricane Sandy

First published by Judy Curmi of Lit4ever Prophetic List Forum  on 4 November 2012


Sandy, a monster storm, a combination hurricane – “noreaster” with a width of 1000 miles, recently hit the east coast of the USA.  Many areas in multiple states were flooded.  Current damage estimates exceed $60 billion.  National weather forecasters started warning about this storm a number of days before it hit.  In a number of areas residents were told to evacuate.  I had asked the Lord more than once if there was anything He wanted to tell me about this storm?  This is the answer I received today.

“It is not my wish that my children would suffer.  I am the Father of lights and I give good gifts, not gifts meant to destroy individuals, families and communities.  Yet- Listen to Me…  When a nation has gone as far astray as yours has, you open the door to all kinds of evil.  Evil comes in many shapes and forms.  Some are seductive.  Others are terrifying, yet they are still evil.

I have called and called to your country.  I have also called in many shapes and forms. Except for a few (a small minority) I have been mocked, spit upon and ignored.  You wanted your toys and pleasures.  You wanted things your way.

I have told you time was up and it is.  You yourselves (USA) have opened the floodgates to evil by your stubborn persistence in rejecting me and choosing the world as your idol.

Please hear me now.  In many states and in many and varied locations people were told to prepare.  Many were also told to evacuate or leave.  Some obeyed the civil authorities.  Many did not.  Now there is chaos in many locations.

If people will not obey their civil authorities and weather forecasters when a monster storm is approaching, why would you think they would obey ME, whom they cannot see?

In fact, they will not.  The message could not have been more clear  –  “Prepare and/or Evacuate” – but many people would do neither.

I AM going to speak very clearly to my church in the days ahead, but who is willing to listen to and obey me, versus those who are going to rebel?  I even spoke into the hearts of a number of my children and told them to leave, but they would not.

Rational thinking is going to fail man in the days ahead.  Trying to “figure things out” and act accordingly is not going to work.  If you want to be protected in the days ahead you must recognize the voice of my Holy Spirit and you must obey!  People who rebel, make excuses or lag behind are not going to be safe.

This is the hour when you should be rising up in me.  If you are not willing to obey me NOW, it is not going to get any easier because the CHAOS and CLAMOR in the world are going to intensify exponentially.

Know that I have good plans for my children and good gifts (the greatest being Myself), but if you are in rebellion now (confident that you can do things your own way), it will become more and more difficult to hear me in the days ahead.  It will become more and more difficult to obey me.  THIS IS A ROAD TO CATASTROPHE!

You need to repent and get right with me NOW before your fate is sealed.  Not many lives were lost in this storm, but there are events on the horizon where many lives will be lost.

My people should not be casualties!  They should be overcomers.  How can you be an example to others, if you are not obeying me now?”


First published by Judy Curmi of Lit4ever Prophetic List Forum  on 4 November 2012



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