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I AM Bringing You, New Alignments! — 1 Comment

  1. I read your prophetic word for today on Facebook through Elijah List and it was so on point. My best friend and I work at the same place and we loss our jobs on the same day for the same reasons. We were wrongfully accused of having dirty urine’s through a random drug test.
    When I told our pastor she immediately began to prophecy that God had set us up for a blessing. My nephew did the same. Everything about this situation is strange, but God has been, through the prophets reassuring us that we will win our case. We are now looking for an attorney to take our case as the company has been extremely uncooperative. When I saw the word “and the just judge will rule in your favor” I was so blessed. Thank you for yet another conformation that God has indeed set us up for a tremendous blessing. God told me a few weeks ago that my season had shifted and there would be new growth.

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