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I AM Coming in This Hour — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you Jesus for strengthening me in you Jesus. Jesus you are awesome and all glory and praise belong to you. Thank you for providing me with the wisdom and understanding to know you more.

  2. In these days, hours, I have to be such an offering of His love “to the lost, dying, the dis-eased and the discomforted”, as you write here in your article. My mom struggles since a week in heavy life-death-life birth-pains, she wants to go home, but so many visitors come by to say their final farewells on her bedside. Around the clock we are in alert, to comfort, to assist, to love. Letting go of a MOTHER – I think this is the hardest loss on earth. Other say, a father. or husband / wife. or child. Bible is filled with verses about mothers, wombs, birth-pains, love and comfort of a mother. I do not point it out because of my mother. We all have our physical mothers, and THANK GOD, no machines can do this task of bearing and giving LIFE.

  3. Dear Robin

    thank you for sharing this beautiful and awesome word from the Lord many yaers ago I was given a prophetic word at chruch that I would have a ministry to help people who come from a destructive, abusive, and horrible past and i was told over and over that I was a warrior woman it has only been in the last two to three days that I have been praying and asking the LORD to teach me all that I am to know to take my position on the battle field.  Please if you can pray for me as when people come to my heart I go to a place of prayer and cry much for them while prayig this has happened a few times and I know that one of my gifts is also discernment.  Blessings and thank you that I can share Sue

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