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I AM is Restraining the Antichrist — 1 Comment

  1. I have heard your Lord speaking,Ken.And I am not scared.Even though he restrains me until I am old like he did to Mandela,I will still tell the truth against your God for the sake of the people.I don’t want to be God,and neither do I have a desire to take the creation of God from him.God knows what I stand for and he knows that I have no evil intent to hurt anyone,but I just can’t let him destroy humans in hell while I know that humans are innocent.I am talking back to your God.I know he knows my plans and I know his plans too no matter how deep he tries to hide them.The truth shall prevail in the end and mankind shall be free from both spiritual and physical slavery.Even though you Jesus have power to restrain me,you will never restrain me forever.You had 2000 together those that you call yours but have failed and will continue to do so because your mission was doomed to fail right from the start.Your power shall soon be broken.I the Antichrist have spoken.

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