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I AM Moving You in a New Direction — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Adriana, I am a new reader of your prophecy readings. Not Only Am I’m Reading Them But I’m Believing and Receiving God’s Word. I was prophesied over in 2004, that I carries the mantle of a prophetess. I know that I speak things that often comes to past. But, it’s not that I operate in that title. I Pray That I Can Answer My Calling As You Have Done, All For God’s Glory. YOU ARE TRULY ORDAINED OF GOD. I’m Inspired by you. Oh yeah by the way I’m 61yrs younger. :-) I Will Be Following Your Lead As God Speaks To You. THANK YOU & GOD’S CONTINUOUS BLESSINGS IN YOUR LIFE.

  2. Sister, great comfort, thank you !
    Today at noon, a big, thick balcony glass wall crashed into thousands of pieces, with loud thunder ! No one knows how this happened – by sabotage or the heat of the sun. The house owner came and took shocking pictures. Much work to do, to pick the pieces out of the neighbour’s garden pots. Most of the damage fell down to the neighbour beneath me (btw… she serves other “gods”)
    She once said she left Christianity by full conviction. often she hears me sing. Contact was down to zero, for some reasons, much gossip around. Anyway – I have now 1 hour at least – Time has been stolen from me ! – as so often. In a few hours I want to depart from here to my home country, to my parents and family. We believers KNOW who is behind every destruction.
    Again – thank you dear Adrianne. My brother`s name is like yours… Adrian.
    God bless all who read this.

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