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“I AM Never Late!” Says The LORD! — 12 Comments

  1. Yes!Lord“my times is in Your hands Lord.
    And i entrust total care to you Lord.

    I’m emptying myself, only waiting for you Pentecost
    filled with the holy spirit. this is what I must to do !

    Yes,I will be completely furnished for every good work that God have called me to do.Amen.

  2. Yes. Our Lord sets boundaries against overextension of instruction we’ve heard from Him lately.

    Important when we consider decrees, isn’t it? We have to understand how to be aggressive and how not to be.

  3. Thank you Abba, for your words, Powerful to me, and Yes, I will remain steadfast and unmovable, without wavering for I know my Redeemer, Lives, lives within me, nothing shall overtake me. I’m an Overcomer, in all things. Glory to God ! I Highly Honor you Abba, your Words, are life unto me. I exalt your name on High, for you are so worthy and Honored to be Praised. Higher, Higher, Higher, are you lifted up in Jesus Mighty Awesome, Wondrous name of all names.
    I love you evermore. Amen !

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