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Walk in The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD! — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, this is exactly what I need. Amen.
    Yes, it’s a time to walk circumspectly, to walk in The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD!Amen!

  2. I’m in agreement Lord, release Your Strategies and bless us with Wisdom and the guidance of Your Spirit. Increase our faith and focus and give us rest and peace as we trust You to do by Your Spirit what only You can do through what you’ve already completed through the Cross.
    Thank You Abba Father.
    Thank you dear beautiful lady. :)

  3. Was just meditating on redeeming the time this morning and then a confirming word in this post.  You are God’s woman for this hour Veronika.  Take Ireland for the Lord because you are His vessel decreeing things that are right and just!

  4. We cannot overcome that, that we have submitted ourselves to.
    Lord Jesus, open unto your children the Revelation of those alignments that are not Your Divine Alignments.

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