I AM Stretching You to Use You


Day 1:   A Time to Bubble Up …   New Portals Are Opening!

Bubbles 1Marty Cassady came into my office this morning and did a prophetic act which I believe is for all of us.  Look at these pictures and then enter into this prophetic word!

Bubbles 2“This is a day that new springs will bubble forth.  (Notice the bubble machine she brought in.)

There will be a bubbling forth in the apostolic and prophetic realm.  (The key word for the prophetic flow is Nabi .. which means to bubble up and overflow.)

We are declaring that a new portal is opening over you, and what has not been able to come forth will now come forth.  As we send out a prophetic word each day over these next 40 days, we are declaring over each of you connected with this ministry that the Spirit of God is bubbling up within you, new portals are opening up, and the joy of the Lord will bring you new strength.

We are decreeing you are now going to rise above the circumstances that weighed you down.  This is the beginning of a whole new prophetic move of God.

Jump in it now as it springs forth around you!”

Day 2:   I AM Stretching You to Use You as a Measuring Line for New Fields!

Dear Measured Ones:

This morning at 3:00 a.m., the Spirit of God met us in a powerful way!

“This is a day of stretching!  I AM stretching your relationships, your pockets, and your vision.

I’ve been stretching you so I can extend you and create new boundaries of operation for My Kingdom.

Quit resisting the stretching!  Let every nerve in your system be strained so faith can be seen in a new way!  I wish YOU to be those cords I use to measure out new fields.

You have said, “Where is the plumb line?”,  but I say, “YOU ARE the plumb line!”

You say, “Where is the portal?”, but I say, “YOU ARE the portal!”

Be about your Father’s business.  Just be about the Kingdom sound.  Be about MY Kingdom business.  Be about your Father’s voice.

Come and gather yourselves as troops.  I AM gathering troops!  I AM re-gathering My troop!

This is a year of re-gathering My troop to send them to stand in a new field.  I will begin to release new assignments.  I have marked the earth for My people to be sent to take stands.

Fields are full of causes to send forth My people into.  Gather in My house and I’ll send you to the fields I’ve ordained for you.  Gather!  I AM gathering My people into troops.

The war drums are sounding on the other side of the mountain.

Thresh down the mountain, so you’ll know how to advance into that place where you’ll plunder the supply that has been kept from you.

Don’t be afraid to talk about what I have given you to discuss.  I record in My books your conversations.  The gift that you have is necessary to decode the layered messages that have built grids of freedom for entire territories.

You decode Satan’s grid, so many can run for shelter.  This is an hour of running to what I AM putting in the earth, the scrolls that I AM releasing, for they have never been fully unsealed until now.

There is an inscription in the land that you’ve not been able to see!  As you rise in worship, you see what is coded in the land and decode the freedom and the joy that is held captive.

Fear not the land that I’m moving and assigning you to.  You may look at your new land and say, “But there are briers and thistles!”

The inscription for liberty and freedom is held within that place. Move in, move deep, and you’ll begin to decode the inscription that will break forth that land.

Many of the places I have for you to stand are where the thorn in your flesh is waiting for you.  This thorn has been left there to teach you and to remove fleshly ways that you’ve had.

Don’t fear the brier patch that I tell you to take your stand in.  The prickliness in your new assignment and circumstance is causing you to form into that gift that can move in and out of hard places.

Your new field awaits you!  The joy will arise and the prosperity of the new land will be released!

Do not “plateau” until I plateau you.  For many of you get to a place and plateau.

Until I say, “This is the place for you to stand,” allow your feet to continue being made like hind’s feet.

There are high places that have not toppled that need to be overthrown.  You must keep coming, you must know where to stand, and you must go to the high places.

Know that the circumstances you are in are making your feet like feet that know how to move in high places.”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries
Website: www.GloryOfZion.org
Email: chuckp@glory-of-zion.org

If you would like to give to the ongoing work of this ministry you can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202.

Chuck PierceCharles D. “Chuck” Pierce serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI).  This is an apostolic, prophetic ministry used to gather and mobilize the worshipping Triumphant Reserve worldwide. GSI facilitates other ministries and participates in regional and national gatherings to develop new Kingdom paradigms.  Peter and Doris Wagner complete the leadership team of this new wineskin.  Chuck is President of Glory of Zion International Ministries, a ministry that aligns Jew and Gentile and is known for his accurate prophetic gifting which helps nations, cities, churches and individuals understand the times and seasons in which we live.

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I AM Stretching You to Use You — 3 Comments

  1. Dear brother Chuck, After reading Day 1, I said: “Lord, sound the Shofar! Sound the Shofar! Sound the Shofar!”

    Then I read Day 2 now, about the Lord stretching, I was reminded about the shoe stretcher, that device used to stretch shoes!  Then I read about the briars, and I am being reminded about the pioneers, the forerunners!  Our God is truly speaking! Hallelujah!  Yes, Lord, send forth Your Word, Lord!

  2. Plateau? Yes. I had a dream of late, the Holy Spirit Himself led me upwards to the plateau. I reached there and paused. As I surveyed its surroundings, I said to the Lord my God: “I couldn’t stay at that juncture for long even if I wanted to. It’s just a plateau with nothing on it.” All of a sudden, a shift occurred at that instant, I was being lifted up to see a panoramic view of the land. Yes, Lord. By faith in the Lord , I claim that new spacious fruitful land for Your Kingdom Sake.