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  1. Thanks sir.
    I am not afraid to respond to any words provided i know what i am saying.
    The above words written in Italian language, reminds me of the voice that spoke words in the ear of Martine Luther king jr he repeated to us saying when “he heard the word from the other side regarding his up coming death and he wept”.
    One voice had once spoken to me that way saying ” we know who you are, but we can’t do anything”. Death is for everyone but the darker mind say let him go first i will be coming later
    I, from the language spoken, i am not a politician nor am i dragging chair with anyone i only wish people good luck and well being.
    I am not afraid to die i am only saying that the creators of the heaven and this earth, have watched their handiworks float on the waters in all kinds till now, from the bible they promised that they would not let it pass away again that way.
    I see no one ruling the world as at now.
    I do not rely on the bible so much due to the alterations made but in my days the Most High have told me, opened my eyes to see, they tell me what to say.
    I have stopped jotting down all that they tell me from the time empty ghosts have been pursuing me and every African in their homes and abroad.
    I relayed my visions in 2011 thru 2012, 13 14 and 15 and all i said are really happening now with the exception of cobra19 called corona virus the snake bit.
    Tell those in charge of my notes to go and control and see that the phsycalsnail is really tumbled = Africa
    I am not a peace maker people are free to rule their world

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