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  1. Yesterday evening every Bible page I opened gave me comfort, that He will rescue and deliver me from all accusers, from all evil. Many verses. I sat long time at the kitchen table and tears started flowing. I got such a wonderful special prophecy for my son and me, but I must keep it secret in my heart. Like once Maria did. I do NOT compare with Jesus`mother, but in Luke 1 from verse 45 on is written her song. I am not Catholic. The Magnificat is a song in the Bible ! This was one of the comforts, but one special hit me straight in my heart, body and soul, I could lay down fearless. Sister Deborah, each of today`s Scriptures are well appreciated. I will re-read them. Thank you !
    If anybody knows Daniel Glimm from Berlin: In August 2010 we met each other personally, he and his whole family. My son and I were guests at his prayer house and we were attending 2 services, shared food together and drove in his car. I don`t know the day when tribulation began, but I know, we sometimes are really at the edge… and I often pray from the bottom of my heart: COME, LORD JESUS, COME !
    But I want to share GOOD news at the end of this post: On Saturday my son returns home ! after having been in dangerous chaos of this fallen world.

  2. Thanks be to God, for your WORDS this day Abba Daddy, for they are life to me.  I love you so dearly, you are so precious to me, my all in all, my everything.  I give you all the Glory, Honor and Praises. I am blessed. I bless you. I am all powerful, for you reign in me, me in you. I can have what i say. The Power of my Words, is powerful, you have taught me many things. I am forevers so grateful to you. Amen !

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