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  1. Thank you dear Lord Jesus for your continual love in abundance.
    Some years back, the Lord showed me different kinds of fathering. As I was walking on the road, I saw a father and a son. They were on bike. They biked speedily downward, from the valley-like point, they had to work harder to bike upward. The father said, “Stay in the bike son, and do your best to reach the top, come on, come on”. After some time, they reached the top and the father clapped his son on his shoulder saying, “Good job, you see, you can do that”! Right after, another couple father and son arrived. They were walking, and the son was exploring while his father was waiting patiently, obviously, he had calculated the time before leaving home. The son was sharing his experiences with his father, who responded with great surprice :) You see, our heavenly Father knows each and everyone of us fully, and He really loves us dearly.
    One week ago, my sister in law invited us to stay at her cottage for about a week, and we just had a wonderful time there. There, the Lord showed me His storehouse with all kinds of equipment. One moment, He seemed deeply touched, being about to show me another “tools”, then He showed me His people who were worshipping Him and blessing Israel, others whom He had sent to help humans in need of guidance to find His well of goodness. On another hill, I saw others crawling, not knowing if they “are going to make it”.
    Wednesday morning I saw in the Spirit, a burning moss, and just above it, there were dry grass! Worship the Lord Most High Who is worthy of all praise! The Holy Spirity of God is about to cover the earth.
    God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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