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I Have a Message Here for Someone — 6 Comments

  1. Lord only you know what om hoing thru this very instant.i lord know im tired. My mind. My heart, my situation, the things ive got to put up with.but ure so kind Lord u still sent a word to me. And i receive ot.i will tuck it away iny heart thank u lord.

  2. Thank you for taking time and writing this heavenly comfort for ‘someone’.
    These words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 6 I’ve read Saturday in front of seniors, and closed with reading / praying The Lord’s Prayer. Then we sang a song about lilies and a song about The Holy Prayer.
    Stay close to Him, dear faithful saints. Times are rough, but the Lord is ALMIGHTY.

  3. Very well.
    The heart finds green pastures, hope and rest (even though i cannot find a home) but faith knows where home is.
    We all look for a security but finding true liberty and complete wholeness is so much more important.
    As they say (not really knowing what they say without God) but “home is where the heart is”
    But it is sad to spend so much time seeking God and being preyed on and felt like a complete outcast. What a wicked dark world that preys on God children, cannot reason with them, just satanic, abusive..

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