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I Heard The LORD Say, “I AM Your Vindication!” — 5 Comments

  1. Amen brother! Thank you for being obedient to HIM.
    I was looking at that very verse and prior verses earlier. Another verse in this chapter that really got my attention is verse 17.

    2Co 5:17
    Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

    “New Creature” is composed of the two Greek words Kinos/G2537 + Ktisis/G2937. Kinos means NEW, alluding to recently made, fresh, recent, unused, unworn, as opposed to old, antiquated.
    Ktisis, is to me, a remarkable word. The Latin definition used for this word is EX NIHILO, i.e. OUT OF NO-THING!Incredible!! The word KTISIS is also used in reference to God “creating” the Heavens and Earth.
    Kinos Ktisis is also used in Gal 6:15, For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new G2537 creature G2937.****CF Gen 1:26-27****

    We really have no idea WHO/WHAT He is making us into. ONLY through Relationship with Him and Knowing His WORD can we get any clues. His Ways are far Above our ways.

    1Jo 3:2
    Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we will be. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is.

    1Co 13:12
    For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.

  2. The Lord just gave me this following vision and asked me to come here and highlighted this prophecy and one other about snakes as confirmation to what He showed me. God bless,

    Gods glory manifested in physical, tangible ways.

    People running from it, to it…. some dont know what to do.

    A ginormous angel bigger then earth takes a hammer and starts hammering the earth. Some things fall into place, some things fall out of place. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE.

    a large python with yellow eyes is wrapped around the earth laughing hysterically. Its satan. I am the prince of the earth, this is my time.

    The glory of God starts to manifest so brightly in His manifest sons and daughters that we start burning holes into the snake. Until he is in so much pain he recoils and slithers away to lick his wounds.

    While this is happening God is setting up a bunch of glory portals all over. His glory is pouring through them… into the earth and the manifest sons and daughters stand and recieve this glory. It goes into us and keeps making us brighter and brighter and our spirit man becomes brighter and bigger. We keep going and standing at these portals to get filled more and more with Gods glory until we are totally in fire and as bright as we can be. The people of the earth are either drawn to Gods holy glory and fire in us or they are repelled and run to find a dark place but there is no where for them to go, they are frantically searching running in terror covering themselves and their eyes from the brightness. They turn into snakes and little holes in the ground open up and they slither in. The manifest sons and daughters go and cover these holes with Gods glory and fire, like a glory barrier to trap them inside.

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