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I Saw a Believer Surrounded by Wolves — 4 Comments

  1. I would like for your ministryto pray for my grandson and his father and mother. His name is Austin Lee and he has been smoking weed. I not sure how to spell the name. and he is also using cocaine. He was caught my the police and has a count date in 10 days. Please pray for his court date that every thing will come out the way God wants it to. Pray for his dad as he seem to think it is his fault. I have watched my son deal with a lot of problems with Austin and think he has handled things very well considering. We do not know how to deal with drug addiction.  I know God is good and will tale care of the problems.He is such a good kid. I feel God has got good things in store for him and that is why the devil will not leave him alone. thank you very much. I pray for our Prisdent and our country. God is good.

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