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I Serve Christ Jesus! — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Esther,
    We are with you! We love you in Christ Jesus! Do not give up!
    You have our Father’s heart!
    We know what really happened! God’s mercy!

  2. The Lord is so good, he allows us to get it right after we stumble notice I said we by repenting. When you truly love the Lord you only want the best for people friends or not. You want to have a heart like the Lord. What I don’t hear you saying is that you were wrong and your saying other people got the proplem. Always be careful and mindful because people are always watching us especially when we say we know Christ.

  3. Welcome back Esther!
    Hallelujah and Amen! Jesus is always victorious!

    When the ‘stones’ were thrown, I asked myself, “How come they don’t call her a false prophet when she tells them they are in a Joseph season?”

    I knew you were in a period of great testing, and I am glad that you now have infallible proof of the love of Christ over you and that nothing can ever separate you. Romans 8:31-39

    The thing that God said would happen will happen – at the appointed time (God shared this with me in the year 2013). Suffice it to say tgat His judgement is mercy for all humanity right now.

    With Love in Christ,

  4. Dearest sister, I have been one with you through it all in and with His Spirit.  My burden is your burden, same mind, same Spirit of the Lord.  I am beyond understanding God’s mercy toward ALL of us, including New York.  When Nineveh repented, the Lord withheld but later they had taken it for granted even if it was years later and then judgment came.  God is not mocked and He also will not indefinitely allow the enemy to mock His own also!  Thank you for holding on to Jesus Christ through it all because He Is all worth the worth and Isa. 53:11a) He shall see the fruit of the travail of His soul and be satisfied concerning you Esther, dear sister.  I speak this verse before Almighty God everytime Jesus is standing by His saint to bring about “His” ministry of Isa. 61:1-2 and Lk. 4:18-19.  Thank you for writing today.  Father bless you x in Christ.
    P.S. Something went wrong with my email (must fix it) hope this will get to you somehow.

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