Unbridled Boldness Coming to the Bride!

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The Voices of the Hypocrites

Religious and Pharisaical spirits are alive and active in the church today, robbing the Bride of her true identity, authority and destiny in Christ.

Over the last week, I have read over and over again about how many evangelicals are dumping Donald Trump at the most crucial moment in America’s history because of words he spoke 11 years ago, before he became born again!

But what is shocking, is that these same evangelicals have remained silent in the face of same sex marriage laws being passed and unlimited abortions taking place on their door steps.

Their voices and their actions have been void and silent over these abominations in the eyes of God, they have chosen to look the other way so as to remain popular in the eyes of man and of course to protect their offering baskets from going empty.

Just yesterday, I was blocked by one of these so called evangelicals.  In fact, he professes to be a prophet of all things, for confronting his hate-filled post about dumping the only man who has stood unmoved, steadfast and resilient in the face of many giants in the land, and he continues to do so.

God have mercy on these hypocrites!

Unbridled Boldness Coming to the Bride!

Just heard something break and shift in the realms of the Spirit!

Then I heard Father say, “Daughter, I AM breaking the heavy yoke of fear that has silenced My people.  I AM now releasing a fresh baptism of fire and boldness.”

Yes!  The spirit says, “Many will now begin to receive this fresh baptism of fire and boldness.  For I AM breaking the power of religious spirits that have silenced My people through fear and intimidation.

Watch!  For the Spirit of Unity and the power of agreement shall now push back the powers of division and destruction that have stifled and stagnated My Bride.”

“Watch!  For there is now a fresh outpouring of Kingdom revelation and restoration coming to those that have cried out for change.

Watch!  For a fresh baptism of fire and boldness will now compel and propel many forward into greater fruitfulness and greater increase,”  says God.

I keep seeing the words “Unbridled boldness” being written over the hearts of God’s people in this hour.

Listen!  Our availability and radical obedience will rightly align us for the manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders.  It is time to open our hearts and receive this fresh empowerment of fire and boldness from heaven.

It is time to open our mouths for God is now releasing fresh revelation and fresh manna so that many will live, be healed and be fully satisfied.

“Yes, even on My servants and handmaids, I will pour out My Spirit in those days, and they shall prophesy,”  Acts 2:18; Joel 3:1.

I see the “Unbridled ones” being released into a new level of Kingdom power, authority and boldness across the nations.



Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Unbridled Boldness Coming to the Bride! — 1 Comment

  1. Yes and Amen to both of your posts. I have noticed the same thing from many so called leaders of the faith, speaking out harshly against Mr Trump, and I suddenly felt compelled to reply. Must be the unbridled boldness of the Lord. Lol