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It seems to me that current “Trending Christianity” is so over saturated with “easy-peasy” believing and broad teaching about a “soupy grace,” that it would be very easy to believe that I have absolutely no responsibility for my behaviors or choices.

People honestly just don’t want to follow any difficult or “stressful” standards of holy living and the setting apart of a consecrated and holy life, until their lives have been undone and darkened.  Then, perhaps… there might be a bit of self examination.  Perhaps.

But for some, it may then be too late to turn them around.

The world, our fleshiness, and the devil, constantly contaminate our souls with sin and destruction.  Everything around us seems to spray us with the stench of this world.

Magazine racks in every grocery store or gas station throw filth in our faces every time we cash out at the counter.  Radios and televisions broadcast violence and obscenities everywhere we turn.  The world is a septic tank of filth.

Unless we as children of God faithfully practice a daily “detoxifying,” we will absolutely become contaminated and filthy with the sins of the world.  The results will be painfully manifested in gradual backsliding and ends in a spiritual dullness.  Our flesh will loudly justify itself for being “too tired or weary” to do what’s important to walk in a holy way.

Here is what it looks like to mimic or imitate God in a world gone dark, how it looks to live a set apart life or a life consecrated to serving the Lord.

We’re to sacrificially love others the way Christ sacrificially loved us when he gave his life for us.

Friends!  We’ve been saved from the “powers of the air / meaning -darkness,” (Ephesians 6:12) and the “patterns of the world” and we’re freed to participate in the Life of God!

When we surrender ourselves completely to this extravagant salvation, we radiate God’s character and it exposes the darkness of the world, just as Jesus did.  We are God’s holy and consecrated “first fruits.”  We are the “results” of His own sacrifice of a life poured out so that others might find hope!!

Listen!  Shake off the clumps of debris that willfully cling to your soul!  THIS debris is literally siphoning life from you like a leaching parasite!

These are the days of self-examination and spiritual definition of who you choose to serve and live for completely!  Stubbornness and moody tantrums have to stop!  Procrastination becomes direct disobedience to the One who has warned you of behaviors that have become willful habits.

Rise Up!  Shake yourself!

Choose whom you will serve!

“Now therefore fear the LORD, and serve him in sincerity and in truth,”   Joshua 24:14.


In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed as long as complete message and website information for Mary Lindow is included.  Thank You!

” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

Mary Lindow imageMary Lindow has a passion for encouraging others – all generations, careers or vocations to live expressing excellence through personal integrity, healthy accountability, and wise management of talents and skills. She’s a sought after keynote, inspirational, humorous speaker and teacher across the U.S.A and internationally in Ministers & Spiritual leaders Conferences, and training seminars for various organizations.

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