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“I Will Make You Forget the Former Things!” — 7 Comments

  1. I have waited a long time to hear this! Thank you June for your faithful speaking of God’s word on your heart!

  2. Praise God! Amen! Peace and greetings, Pastor June Reinke! God is allowing me to know that He our hears our prayers of petition, the desires of our heart, all for His Glory. Thank you, for sharing this message, in which I believe the Lord imparted in your spirit to share with the masses. It definitely hits and relates to what I’ve stood in prayer on, thank you Jesus, Glory to Holy Lamb of God.

    God bless you, dear Sister! I pray that the Lord Jesus continues to use you divinely and mightily, for His Kingdom, for His Glory.

  3. “The days of mourning are over, the ash heaps of your life are over. I have given beauty to you in exchange for the ashes. Don’t even glance back. Forget the things that are behind you.

    I would say the New is „at the door“ but for me the situation of chronic pain issues since decades, it still feels like sitting in the ash heaps….

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