Idolatry: the Unrecognized Fault

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The Bread of Adversity
Idolatry: the Unrecognized Fault


The Bread of Adversity

I was given a verse of scripture, many years back now.  I printed it in large letters, and taped it to my wall: I thought I knew what it meant then.  To see it now, causes me to ponder; was it really meant more for me today.  It simply said,

“In returning and rest shall ye be saved;  in quietness and confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not”   Isaiah 30:15.

God told Isaiah, that this is what He wanted for His people at that time.  They did not want to hear it.  They wanted to flee on fast horses; to race out.

We’re living in a time when God is calling people forward, to speak what He wants them to say.  As we’ve heard many times already, they have all been chosen and prepared for this hour; to do His work.

But even yet, what many are feeling and seeing in their lives, is the bread of adversity.  It seems, that everything that can go wrong, has or is.  Even when you can see the hand of the Lord in what you’re going through, our bodies, and our minds, get weary.  There comes two urges; to rush out and go forward, or to give up and quit.  Often times, staying where you are, and standing where you are, doesn’t sound inviting or in any way desirable; it just doesn’t.

I almost entitled this post, “Don’t get ahead of God”.  Somebody’s got to be real; so, I will admit I wish the fine-tuning was over.  It’s hot in here.  I went back to these verses again this evening, and I read again, the same things that I read so long ago.

Some people took off. They were raring to go, and they didn’t want to wait.  So God let them run; until they gave out.  He just waited patiently for them to exhaust themselves; then He touched them anew.  I don’t know any other way to say this:  We have to get this right this time.   Even though the time is short, and the hour is critical, we can not afford to get ahead of the Spirit.  Without the exact timing the Spirit decides on, we will move either too quickly, or too late; the outcome will suffer.

What many of us have felt and seen birthed in our spirits, is going to come to pass; no matter what.  Why are some of us yet experiencing the water of affliction?  Perhaps, we still have some rough edges, some old ideas of man, that yet need to be pruned.  We dare not move on our own.  There is one thing we humans need to realize and always remember.  The Spirit, can see everything, everywhere, all at the same time.  He knows the very precise moment He will operate; when the work, will accomplish the most.  No one is to be discouraged; God forbid.  See that the Spirit, is manifested.

I want to remark, about the Teachers this passage refers to.  The teachers for this hour, are here.  The Spirit has been teaching, all along, and He has instructed those to transfer what He has given them, to others.  There is no doubt about that; but, they all must move, exactly when He says move, and not one moment before.

We need to listen harder and more keenly, than we have ever done so before.  It’s why being in the Spirit and praying in the Spirit, is more necessary than ever.

The Spirit is the director, and we need to let Him direct.  We definitely should continue to speak and to exhort, lift up and declare.  Adversity and affliction, will not last forever.  In His time, we WILL be perfected in Him.  Keep moving in Him.  Follow the Spirit closely.

Idolatry: the Unrecognized Fault

Perhaps it would be helpful for us to define the word, idolatry.  It does mean, the worshipping of idols, but the next definition says, a blind or excessive devotion to something, excessive admiration.

The problem with much of our understanding, is that we have been led to think that the word idol, means some kind of graven image.  It does mean that too; but, other things can become idols also.  It’s seems to be, about things we give exceeding praise to; what we’re overly fond of.

The writer stated that a covetous man, is an idolater.  To covet something, is to have an excessive desire for; to yearn for something you don’t have.  I felt this definition come to me, so I would like to share it.  I believe, it’s when the things others have, are worth more to you, than what you have.

We have that old adage of many years, that talks about, keeping up with the Joneses.  They bought a new car; we feel like we should have or deserve one too.  It doesn’t matter, that our older one might be in perfectly good shape, and even paid for.  A new car, can certainly be an idol to us; and it is definitely true in our society today.  We must have, that latest cell phone.

It’s not latest news that we have idols in many different situations.  Those that are in sports, are perhaps the most obvious.  We have this excessive adoration for such people; even their serious faults, cannot stop our need to praise them. Idols in the movie industry, the music industry and even in certain politics, likely claim places in our hearts, that should be reserved for something else.

The true fault or sin, is that this leaves little room for God; all of these things become more important to us, than He is.  I think that is what God resents the most; all of these things, are taking up HIS space.

We have religious idols.  Some of us, have been quick to throw down on other religions about this.  We might never realize, that we each have our own kind, in our own denomination.

We need to address the definition once more, for idolatry.  Blind or excessive devotion to something or someone; excessive admiration.  It is possible, that when we blindly follow someone, without question, they have become an idol to us.  It just may be, that we have allowed that person, to become even more important, than following God.

Taking someone else’s word for things, rather than rightly searching it out for ourselves, might mean, their word, carries more weight, than God’s word.  Following men, rather than the Spirit, is a true fault.

Wanting a bigger building, because others have that, or a more talented music department, even if you have to import it and pay money for it, is a good indication, we are idolizing things.  Our clothes, our bodies, where we go to school or even where we go to church, can become something that is full of covetousness, and a form of idolatry.  We all need to repent.  Too many things in our lives, have become more important than God.

One test, is to be honest about just how much time we give to all of these things, and how much time we actually give to God.  We’re talking about time, spent alone with Him.  We likely worship the things, that we love the most.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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